Gillette Sports Joins Team

The Sprint Star and Gillette Sports joins the team...

Gillette Sports joins Team:

Please help welcome our newest sponsor, Gillette Sports and the Sprint Star!  Look for the Sprint Star to become the most popular training device across Arizona.  Please visit their webiste:

Who We Are

Gillette Sports, LLC is a cutting edge high tech sporting retail company offering unique and affordable products designed to improve athletic performance. The company will offer products never before seen in the sports world.

What We Do

Our premier product is the SprintStar, which is an electronic starter/timer system designed for athletes of all ages in all sports which require speed, helping them to become faster. The product is targeted for use by athletes training alone, and it also has utility for sports teams, friends training together, and families.

Until now, athletes could not affordably time themselves accurately in a short sprint. The SprintStar consists of two devices, each the size of a small cell phone. It is completely wireless, and unlike competitor's products, no heavy, clumsy tripods are required. One unit is worn around the waist of the athlete, secured by a convenient Velcro strap. The second unit is simply placed at the finish line.

The software allows for four individual users. When the athlete is ready, he or she sets the body unit for the sprint distance to be run. When the start sequence is activated, the athlete has about eight seconds to "come to their mark." The unit then will beep three times, meaning "get set." Then at the end of a randomized time period (between 1.5 and 3 seconds) the unit will beep once, meaning "go," and the digital clock simultaneously starts.

When the athlete crosses the finish line, the finish line unit interacts with the body unit to turn off the clock. The time is displayed on the LCD on the body unit. The software will also convert to speed for the time over a set distance, in miles/hour or meters/second.

The athlete's fastest time ever over a chosen distance is always saved in memory, and can be displayed at any time. The body unit will beep and flash immediately when a fastest time is run. This software system is unique for all four users, and times accurately to the hundredth of a second.

Why We Are Unique

Until now, accurate speed timing required expensive and cumbersome starting and timing equipment. The SprintStar is affordable, small, lightweight, and simple to set up and use. Now athletes can not only accurately time themselves over a chosen distance, they also can now practice different start techniques over a short distance, timing themselves to see which technique results in a faster time.

The product can be used by sports teams, and for convenience, multiple body units can be purchased. Current research suggests that sprinting is a healthier form of exercise than jogging. It certainly is easier on the knees. Sprinting and timing the sprints with SprintStar would be a fun and healthy way for families to enjoy time together. Time your children at an early age and follow their progress. Maybe there is a future Olympian in the family!

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