Donahue Stock Rising

Limited minutes at Dobson has not hurt this rising star. <b>Will Donahue</b> has burst on the scene to be the most talked about 2006 prospect in the State...

6'7" Will Donahue, a 220lb power forward, has established himself as the top 2006 big man in the State of Arizona.

Donahue played limited minutes last season at Dobson High School, but in this short club season has elevated his stock throughout the Country. The CTB All Star has gone from unknown to the most talked about 2006 prospect in the State.

With tremendous upside, strength and the ability to run the floor, Donahue has dominated inside the paint , can shoot it from 15-17ft, and plays hard from baseline to baseline.

Still growing, look for Donahue to become a top 5 west coast prospect (front line) in the 2006 class.

For obvious reasons, Donahue will not return to Dobson next season. Look for his new place of business by mid summer.

Donahue will be traveling with the CTB All Stars this Memorial Day to UCLA (adidas invitational), then in July to the Pangos Summer Shootout, the Main Event (Las Vegas) and the Best of Summer in Los Angeles.

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