Adidas Invitational at UCLA - CTB Schedule

Although San Diego, New Orleans and other East Coast locations are hosting tournaments, Pauley Pavilion, on the campus of UCLA, will be host to the top prep players on the West Coast. The Nations 2 top Recuiting services, Networx & The Insiders will be there. CTB All Stars <b>Arizona</b> complete schedule...

Adidas Invitational at UCLA - Memorial Day

Pool A
A1 - Double Pump
A2 - EBO 2
A3 - Ameri-I-Can

Pool B
B1 - L.A. Stars
B2 - ABC
B3 - Inland
B4 - Belmont Shore Black

Pool C
C1 - L.A.Rockfish
C2 - CTB All Stars (Arizona)
C3 - Double Pump 2
C4 - Ca. Team Select

Pool D
D1 - EBO
D2 - L.A. Rockfish Red
D3 - 1 Tough School

Pool V
V1 - CTB All Stars (Arizona)
V2 - IEBP 2
V3 - L.A. Rockfish Blue
V4 - Double Pump 4

Pool W
W1 - Amer-i-Can 2
W2 - IEPB 4
W3 - 1 Tough School
W4 - L.A.Rockfish Gray

Pool X
X1 - Double Pump 3
X2 - BWBA 3
X3 - SoCal Razorbacks
X4 - L.A. Rockfish Orange

Pool Y
Y1 - ABC 2
Y2 - IEPB 3
Y3 - Inner City Hoops
Y4 - BWBA 2

CTB All Stars

3:pm vs. L.A.Rockfish
8:00pm vs. Ca. Team Select

3:00pm vs. Double Pump 2

Tournament Play begins Saturday night

CTB All-Stars #2

10:00am vs. IEPB 2
4:15pm vs. L.A. Rockfish Blue

10:00am vs. Double Pump 4

Winner of pool V moves on to Tournament play

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