School Profile: Agua Fria Owls Basketball

2nd year head coach Paul Murphy has the Owls back on track, and look to be in the hunt for the West Region...

Agua Fria Owls consists of a young, talented, skilled and very determined group of young players who want to be the first team at Agua Fria in ten years to win region and qualify for the state playoffs.

The Owls have produced many quality players in the 90's, and always a Region contender. Former Owl Head Coach Shawn Lynch, has firmly established himself as one of the States best coaches at Mesa High, with the 2004 State Championship, and a looks to be in the hunt in 05'.

2nd year head coach Paul Murphy has the Owl program back on track!

The past summer the owls have played in 35 games and will be playing also in the October Fall Showcase and competing in a fall basketball league prior to the 2004-2005 season. The Owls have a solid backcourt which can pressure the ball. Junior Alex Jauregui who was honorable mention all region is considered one of the smartest, hardest working point guards in the valley who gets overlooked due to size. Next would be Romero Hood who will make the biggest impact in the west valley region. Can be and should be considered the best ball player in the west valley. He can post, up, play the perimeter and is a great player who moves without the ball. Josh Cordova has added a good outside shot that will enable the girth down low to get open and score. Besides these two individuals the owls put out on the floor Kwamaine Johnson a sophomore who can cover the floor extremely well. In players like 6'5 220 sophomore Everson Griffen, 6'5 190lbs Zach Helton junior, 6'4 190lbs Sophomore Kell Duncan, and 6'5 200lbs sophomore Sammy Solis who is rough but physically strong enough to battle down low.

Paul Murphy is looking to take the owls to the region title and state playoffs for the first time in 10 years. Coach Murphy came from Phx. Christian where he was Coach Steve Drakes assistant. Born in Phoenix and played overseas in England for a brief time.

Agua Fria is located on Van Buren and Dysart and has a very proud tradition of school and spirit. The owls have donated money to the American Breast Cancer society and knows the importance of sacrifice and giving to the community. The owls will be putting on a free clinic for Avondale boys and girls club in September.

2004-2005 Roster
Romero Hood Senior
Josh Cordova Senior
Xavier Harper Senior
Alex Jauregui Junior
Zach Helton Junior
Jeff Bennett Junior
Eric Grabin Junior
Eric Green Sophmore
Kwamaine Johnson Sophmore
Rajric Coleman Sophmore
Kell Duncan Sophmore
Sammy Solis Sophmore
Everson Griffen Sophmore
Travis- Freshman

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