Full Court Press Scores From Los Angeles

Scores through Saturday afternoon. Highlights and player evalutaions, including some new <b>prospects</b> emerging Sunday morning. <b>Jeff Battle</b> (right)Class of 2006 - South Mountain - will be a rising star under New Head Coach David Grace. Why? Find out Sunday...

Full Court Press Scores through Saturday afternoon.


Friday September 17th

SCBA Center Court 1
5:15pm Compton Magic 55 vs. Bellflower 49
6:30pm Total Impact 45 vs. AZ Rage White 17 69
7:45pm Inland 45 vs. Branch West Purple 56
9:00pm Belmont Shore 82 vs. Branch West Orange 77
10:15pm ARC/And 1 58 vs. So. Nevada All-Stars 56

SCBA Center Court 2
5:15pm The Hood 55 vs. Utah Swoosh 49
6:30pm Branch West-Reebok 72 vs. AZ Rage White 16 41
7:45pm Branch West Red 41 vs. AZ Cagers Black 17 35
9:00pm H-Squad 76 vs. SoCal Ballers 56
10:15pm Team Arizona 2 vs. San Diego Magic 0 FORFEIT

SCBA Center Court 3
6:30pm ICAN All-Stars 59 vs. Hacienda Heights 58
7:45pm CABC 60 vs. 805 Express 59
9:00pm San Diego Cougars 30 vs. Corona Flares 28
10:15pm California Aces 2 vs. Leuzinger 0 FORFEIT

Saturday September 18th
*** Note Saturday Games are at Whittier HS ONLY
12417 East Philadelphia Street, Whittier CA 90601

Whittier HS Court 1
9:00am Branch West Red 68vs. Utah Swoosh 54
10:15am ICAN All-Stars 58 vs. Inland 55
11:30am Branch West Reebok 77 vs. ARC/And 1 76
12:45pm So. Nev. All-Stars 79 vs. AZ Cagers Black 16 41
2:00pm Team AZ vs. Leuzinger tba
3:15pm H-Squad vs. AZ Rage White 17 tba
4:30pm Inland vs. Hacienda Heights tba
5:45pm Branch West Orange vs. Corona Flares tba
7:00pm Belmont Shore vs. San Diego Cougars tba
8:15pm ARC/And 1 vs. AZ Cagers Black 16 tba

Whittier HS Court 2
9:00am The Hood  57 vs. AZ Cagers Black 17 55
10:15am Compton Magic 44 vs. 805 Express 53
11:30am H-Squad 89 vs. Total Impact 60
12:45pm San Diego Magic vs. California Aces
2:00pm Belmont Shore vs. Corona Flares
3:15pm AZ Cagers Black 17 vs. Utah Swoosh
4:30pm ICAN All-Stars vs. Branch West Purple
5:45pm Branch West Reebok vs. So. Nevada All-Stars
7:00pm Team AZ vs. California Aces

Whittier HS Court 3
9:00am Branch West Purple 68 vs. Hacienda Heights 62
10:15am Bellflower 0 vs. CABC 2 FORFEIT
11:30am SoCal Ballers  57 vs. AZ Rage White 17 83
12:45pm San Diego Cougars vs. Branch West Orange
2:00pm The Hood vs. Branch West Red
3:15pm Compton Magic vs. CABC
4:30pm Bellflower vs. 805 Express
5:45pm Total Impact vs. SoCal Ballers
7:00pm Leuzinger vs. San Diego Magic

Sunday September 19th

SCBA Center Court 1
8:00am 2nd Pool B vs. 2nd Pool G
9:10am 2nd Pool D vs. 2nd Pool E
10:20am 1st Pool D vs. 1st Pool E
11:30pm Silver Consolation Semi-Final I
12:40pm 3rd Pool E vs. 3rd Pool F
1:50pm 4th Pool E vs. 3rd Pool G

SCBA Center Court 2
8:00am 2nd Pool C vs. 2nd Pool F
9:10am 1st Pool B vs. 1st Pool G
10:20am 1st Pool C vs. 1st Pool F
11:30am Silver Consolation Semi-Final (2nd Pool A vs. TBD)
12:40pm Gold Semi-Final I (winner 10:20am Ct. 1 vs. 1st Pool A)
1:50pm Gold Semi-Final II (winner 9:10am Ct. 2 vs. 10:20am Ct. 2 )
3:00pm Silver Championship Game
4:10pm Gold Championship Game

SCBA Center Court 3
9:10am 3rd Pool A vs. 3rd Pool D
10:20am 4th Pool A vs. 4th Pool D
11:30pm 4th Pool B vs. 4th Pool C
12:40pm 4th Pool G vs. 4th Pool F
1:50pm 3rd Pool B vs. 3rd Pool C

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