Cagers Black Advances To Silver Finals

Advance to Silver Championship at 3pm..

Arizona Cagers Black 17U defeated their partner, AZ Cagers White 17U but not before an unbelievable comeback led by 6-1 Sr. Darnell Terry (Carl Hayden).  Cagers White, down 22 early in the second half, Cagers Black played like they had the game. Heart, and intensity brought Terry and co. back with a shot to win it at the buzzer, falling 68-66.  AZ Cagers Black was once again led by TJ Topercer, but turnover after TO, followed by missed dunk after  missed dunk almost cost them the birth in the Silver Championship today at 3pm. 

Finals results late tonight.

AZ Cagers 16U coasted to their first win ending their tournament 1-3.

Team AZ was victorious as well, finishing 2-2.

Coming Monday, the All-Arizona Full Court Press All Tournament Team!

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