Five More Standouts at Full Court Press

Ramirez, Bates, Dornik, Edwards and Casey round out todays breakdown...

Today we take the spotlight to 5 players who stood out at the 2004 Full Court Press Fall Classic:

  • Tareq Ramirez: Guard-6-2-Class of 2005-Coronado
    Strong athletic guard who can stroke it consistently from 3. Mixes it up in the paint. (Plays bigger the 6-2) Above average court vision. Plays hard and goes strong to the paint. Is receiving DI interest. NAU keeping strong tabs. Look for Ramirez to score in high numbers this season. Tough mentally and wants the ball in crunch time. Top 10 player in Class of 05.
  • Shane Edwards : Forward-6-7-Class of 2005-Mt. Pointe
    Shocked when I saw this athletic 6-7. Who was he? Well I found out quick he spent last season polishing his skills on The Pointes Junior Varsity. PLAYS HARD! Long arms that create major problems defensively. Edwards blocks shots, rebounds and creates havoc inside the paint. Coach Sam Ballard has to be smiling all the way to November 1, when he gets to unveil his "Secret weapon"! Major upside. Junior College here he comes, with 3 years to develop, Edwards potential is positive to say the least!
  • Jim Casey: Wing-6-4-Class of 2006-Horizon
    Casey finished strong last season on the amazing run by Horizon. A strong 6-4 wing, he can stroke it from 3, battles inside the paint and has above average handles. For the Huskies, he is stuck down low, but his natural position at the next level is a 2-3. Is receiving feelers from many DI's. Casey, with improvement athletically, quickness etc is a prospect to watch in 2005-2006.
  • Jeff Dornik: Guard-6-3-Class of 2005-Mesquite
    Dornik is best described as SOLID. Few mental mistakes with this backcourt gem. Can SHOOT it deep. Great court vision and just knows how to play the game. As a coach, you want the ball in his hands in crunch time. Look for Dornik to lead Mesquite as a sleeper team in 05.
  • Clayton Bates: Wing-6-3-Class of 2006-Corona
    PLAYS HARD best describes this athletic wing. Bates mixes it up, can score in the paint and has above average hops. Plays more like a 6-8 power forward. With improvement facing the basket, outside jumper and handles, Bates could be a top 10 2006. Look for Bates to lead Corona in scoring, rebounding and hustle points in 2005.

Coming Wednesday

  • Lance Jacobs
  • Monti Washington
  • Roy McClemore
  • Rodney Brown
  • Darren Six

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