Game Recaps 9/24

This was one of the few games played on Friday, as most varsity games were played Thursday for the Jewish holiday. #8 Flagstaff (3-0) traveled down to Avondale to take on Agua Fria (2-1) with their perfect record at stake

Game Recaps


Flagstaff 27             Agua Fria 0


This was one of the few games played on Friday, as most varsity games were played Thursday for the Jewish holiday. #8 Flagstaff (3-0) traveled down to Avondale to take on Agua Fria (2-1) with their perfect record at stake.


Flagstaff wasted no time; they put together a nice 7 play scoring drive that was lead by the passing of QB Japhet Leviticus. He was perfect on the series, hitting Evan Horowitz for 16 yards and Davawn Peterson twice for gains of 11 and 19 yards, the latter resulting in a TD to make the score 7-0. The Owls looked as if they were going to strike back as QB Mitch Wolfe hit Donald Askew for a gain of 13 and a few plays later RB Everson Griffin rumbled for 10 yards. The Owl offensive line then gave up to huge sacks by NT Joe Bernardi and DE James Brooks to force a punt.


The next possession for the Eagles didn't go so easy. A fumble, recovered by LB John Coker, gave the Owls the ball in Eagle territory. The Owls were unable to convert on 4 th down and squandered away their best scoring opportunity of the half. Flagstaff went down the field on their next possession lead by the running of Michole Cottrell and capped off a scoring drive with a QB sneak by Leviticus to make the score 13-0.


Flagstaff looked as if they were going to put the game away early. Owl QB Mitch Wolfe was sacked and fumbled the ball which was recovered by Eagle DE James Brooks. This presented them with what looked to be an easy scoring opportunity, but the Owls played feisty defense and stopped a 4 th down attempt at the 1 yard line. This basically ended the half with Flagstaff up 13-0.


The second half played pretty much like the first. Flagstaff scored on their 1 st possession with another Leviticus to Peterson TD pass that covered 34 yards to make the score 20-0. Agua Fria did not give up. They pulled out all the stops; converting on a fake punt and completing a half back pass but were unable to put any points on the board. Flagstaff converted on their own half back pass of their own to make the score 27-0 which is what the final would be.


Bottom Line: Flagstaff was a lot bigger than Agua Fria. Their offensive line lead by Joe Bernardi (270 lbs), Mychal Slivers (300 lbs) and Gabe Caballero (300 lbs) were able to clear holes for Cottrell. While the defensive line, lead by Bernardi and sophomore DE James Brooks (6'6 260 lbs) were able to give constant pressure. I give credit to the Owl defense as they were well undersized but played pretty tough, never gave up and flew around to the ball.


Game Balls: Flagstaff DE James Brooks had 3 sacks and recovered a fumble. Joe Bernardi pitched in 2 sacks and was dominant on the offensive line. WR Davawn Peterson scored 2 TDs. He is one to watch out for; he is every bit of 6'3 which is a tough match-up for any high school corner. Finally RB Michole Cottrell wads the workhorse for the Eagles and easily broke 100 yards. For Agua Fria, LB John Coker showed his toughness. He had a sack and fumble recovery was in on many tackles. He is undersized but plays his heart out


Hamilton 37                    Maryvale 7

The Maryvale Panthers took on the defending 5A state champions, Hamilton Huskies. Maryvale just recently dropped out of the rankings, but still looked like contenders going into tonights game against #1 ranked Hamilton.

The Panthers were confident on their opening drive, calling a pass play on 4th and 4. A quick slant play gave Maryvale a first down and later scored on a 13 yard touchdown run by gargantuan fullback, Jermaine Williams. Although Williams scored on this opening drive, he would be completely shut down for the rest of the game.

Hamilton was a little slow coming out of the blocks, but once they got moving, they could not be stopped. The Huskies first points came early in the second quarter from a 40 yard Dominic Papa field goal set up earlier by a 56 yard pass completion from Dixon to Wesley. Although Hamilton was limited to three points on this drive, the combination of Dixon and Wesley would help to light up the scoreboard throughout the rest of the game. Later in the second quarter, Cody Engelbrecht scored Hamilton's first TD on a 16 yard run (Papa extra point). Wesley then added to the scoreboard on a 25 yard TD reception from Dixon. Half Ham- 17 Mary- 7.

On the first play of the third quarter, Wesley had a 39 yard reception (2 yd catch-37 yds after catch) from Dixon. Instead of going to the air, Dixon then decided to rush the ball, dishing out a few stiff arms along the way, scoring on an 18 yard TD run (Extra point missed Papa). Maryvale, who had been completely shut down on their run game, tried out their passing game. Hamilton's secondary, who were yet to be tested by Maryvale, were very solid. Hamilton safety, Colin Parker had an interception, completely taking away any confidence Maryvale still had left. The Husky offense, led by Dixon, marched down the field and easily walked into the end zone on a 4 yard touchdown run by Engelbrecht (2 point conversion no good). Hamilton's final TD came on beautiful (this is an understatement) 50 yard pass from guess who…Dixon to…surprise…Wesley. The Huskies put in their second team for the rest of the third quarter and rest of the fourth quarter and still managed to hold the Panthers. Final score: Hamilton 37- Maryvale 7.

Okay, I've heard some good things about Dixon, but never actually got a chance to see him play. Granted it is still early, but Travis Dixon is without a doubt the top quarterback I have seen this season. He's got it all: good size, accurate and powerful arm, smart decisions, quick feet, and a powerful runner. Maryvale's Williams, whom I thought would put a little bit of a pounding on Hamilton's defense was nonexistent. The Husky defense was solid all around. Strong, hard-hitting, good wrap-up tackling, and they always had eleven guys flying to the ball.
***Check out these numbers!!!***

Dixon: 7/13 completions for 213 yards and 6 rushes for 44 yards.
Wesley: 6 receptions for 207 yards
Engelbrecht: 18 rushes for 101 yards
Team rushing: 281 Team passing: 222 Team Total: 503

Maryvale total yards first half: 120
Second half: 8!!

Greenway 21                         Millennium 13

Tonight's Thursday game featured the Millennium Tigers looking to continue their winning ways as they traveled to Greenway to take on the winless Demons.

Millennium started the game with an onside kick that was unsuccessful. This allowed Greenway to start the game with great field possession on their own 48. Kenton Thomas soon showed his power and speed. With toss sweeps left and right the Demons were deep in Tiger territory. Greenway QB Nathan Hodge's first pass gets intercepted by Milliennium's Dallas Hunter.

Starting deep in their own territory the Tigers moved the ball to midfield where they stalled and would have to punt. After a couple of hard runs by Thomas, the Demons were back across mid-field. The Tiger D stiffened, forcing Greenway to go for it on 4-6. Millennium's Mark Muhal made a big sack to end the Demon push. The Tigers take over on their own 42. Greenway's Dave Hoffman picked off an errant pass on the next play to give the Demons the ball on their own 35.

The Demons spread running responsibilities around on this drive to Nick Certo, Nathan Hodges, Kenton Thomas. Big Richie Brockel got into the game with his first reception. The drive was stopped by a strong Tiger D and Greenway turns it over on downs at the Millennium 35. End of the first quarter. Score 0-0.

The Tigers showed why they are a running team, when on second down Demon Dave Hoffman made a great play on the ball and got his second pick of the night. Greenway would not squander this great field position. Nick Certo carried the Demons inside the 30. Nathan Hodges rolled to his left and shot puts a pass over defenders to Brockel. Brockel rumbles to the Milliennium 9. Thomas right, short gain. Thomas left, loss of three. Pass to Certo, ball on the two. With 4th and goal Nathan Hodges throws a jump ball to Brockel in the back corner of the end zone. Brockel comes down with it for the Demons first TD of the night. PAT good; Millennium 0-Greenway 7.

With 6:20 left in the first half, the Tigers started on their own 30 and put together a real Priddy drive. Chance Priddy got in the backfield to rest starter Aaron Gentry. This small and quick back used his size to hide perfectly behind his big linemen. Priddy right for a 20 yard run. Priddy left and Tigers are now on Demon 33. Priddy left again and the Tigers are on the 5. Give the boy some sugar! Priddy right, +2. Priddy left, stuffed at line but great second effort and he bounces out side and into the end zone for a touchdown.  PAT no good. Millennium 6 Greenway 7.

With 3:18 left in the half, Greenway had a good return to their own 42. With a short pass to Brockel and a Thomas run the Demons were 1 st and 10 in Tiger territory. Greenway would give way to an impressive Tiger rush lead by Kyle Matuzkie and with 40 seconds left they lined up to punt. But they didn't punt. It was a pass to Brockel. A roughing the passer penalty would give Greenway the ball 1st and goal with 4.9 second left. Nathan Hodges finds his big receiver, Richie Brockel for his second TD of the night. PAT good. Millennium 6 Greenway 14 at half.

The second half started much like the first, with each side trading punts and field position. Greenway would get their offense going first when Nathan Hodges from his own 30 goes to the air to find Marc Guerrero wide open down the middle of the field. He is dragged down at the Tiger eleven. The Millennium D held the Demons for four plays with the Demons barley getting a first down on the Tiger 1. Next play Richie Brockel bowls into the end zone for a rushing touchdown. Millennium 6 Greenway 21.

The Demons came out with an onside of their own and Travis Certo recovered on the 50. The Demons could not capitalize and went 3 and out. After a poor punt, Millennium takes over on their own 39. Aaron Gentry gets back in the Millie game plan and makes two reception to move the ball into Greenway
territory at the end of the third quarter.

A pass interference call moves the Tigers to the Demon 30. Here the aggressive Demon D gets to the Tiger quarter back. After being pressured on the previous plays, Kenton Thomas comes in for a monster sack with a loss of 16 yards. Tigers punt and pin the Demons on their own 6. The Tigers put up a great D series. The fired up Tiger D thought they smelled a safety but Mr. Referee marked the man down on the one foot line. Demons punt from their own end zone and Aaron Gentry catches it on the fly and returns it to the Greenway 15. A pass would take them to the one. 1st and goal, Gentry stuffed. 2nd-goal, Priddy stuffed. 3rd-goal, Priddy finds a crack and squeezes in for another TD. PAT good. Millennium 13- Greenway 21.

The Demons would punt on their next possession and give the dangerous Tigers the ball with 1:40 on the clock. What they did not give them was field position. On the first play a block in the back penalty brought back a nice play. 1 st and 25 from their own 5. 2 nd and 25, 3 rd and 24, 4 th and 20 and a sack by freshman Brenin Brooks gives Greenway their first victory of the season.

Final: Tigers 13, Demons 21.

Bottom Line: The Tiger D that had lived on turnovers in previous weeks only managed to get one from the Demons. Still played very aggressively. Millennium needs to work on a passing game to compliment their run. This team is younger than they play. Many juniors on the roster. Greenway played confident. They took control and were not going to let Millennium back in the game.

Game balls go to Richie Brockel who had two TD catches and one rushing. Kenton Thomas for getting big yards and making the Tigers worry about him. Dave Hoffman who had two interceptions for the Demon D. Chance Priddy for his hard running and two TD's. Here are some of the big men who stood out. For Greenway D-linemen J.D. Hanley and Jeff Jackson stuffed up the middle. For Millennium DE Kyle Matuszkie who had 2 sacks and pressure all night and Tony Lewis for having a nose for ball.


Peoria 26          Desert Vista 20


Thursday night's 5A matchup at Desert Vista between the hosting Thunder and the visiting Peoria Panthers began with a game of "Where's Keegan". The all state RB was not to be found. Not to worry backfield mate Markus Turner had plenty of O for Panthers.


The first quarter began with Peoria and Desert Vista exchanging punts. On their second possession Desert Vista began to move the ball on the legs of RB Chris Brogdon. The big play of the drive came when Thunder QB Pete Hargis hit WR Mike Tamez for 37 yards to put the ball inside the 5 yards line. On the next play Brogdon runs right for a TD PAT good Desert Vista 7 Peoria 0. On the following possession Peoria moves the ball quickly into Thunder territory. This drive is halted when Turner fumbles the ball and Desert Vista recovers ending this Panther scoring threat. With momentum on their side Desert Vista strikes quickly and on a slick 45 yard TD run Chris Brogdon scores. PAT good Desert Vista 14 Peoria 0 at the end of 1.


To begin the 2 nd, Peoria has the ball in good field position after the Desert Vista kick. Behind the running of Turner and a nice pass from QB Carlos Miranda to WR Clarence Wise, the Panthers have the ball inside the Thunder 10. On a sharp counter boot pass Miranda is able to hit TE Rory Ross for a TD. PAT good. Desert Vista 14 Peoria 6. On their next possession Desert Vista is forced to punt. The Thunder saw lighting as Markus Turner grabbed the punt and quickly raced 62 yards for a TD. The PAT was no good and just like that we have a ball game. Desert Vista 14 Peoria 13. The remainder of the second is highlighted by a short appearance from an obviously injured Keegan Herring (ankle) Peoria threatens at the end of the quarter after a successful fake punt but the drive stalls and an attempted field goal is blocked. Half time score Desert Vista 14 Peoria 13.


The 2 nd half started much as the 1 st half ended with the Panthers threatening only to have the drive stall and miss a field goal. After a Desert Vista punt Peoria gets the ball. On a long pass down the field, talented Desert Vista DB Mike Tamez rips the ball away from the Peoria receiver and then returns the ball 42 yards for a Thunder TD the PAT is blocked making the score Desert Vista 20 Peoria 13. On the kickoff return, with all eyes on Turner, Clarence Wise fakes a reverse and takes off 70 yards to the Desert Vista 15. On 1 st down Desert Vista LB Dustin Sayez intercepts a pass stopping the Panther threat. Upon getting the ball, the Thunder can't move and are forced to punt from their end zone. Peoria starts their next drive on the Desert Vista 29 yard line. The Panthers begin to move the ball on the legs of Turner.


As the 4 th quarter begins Peoria has the ball on the Desert Vista 7. Within two plays Peoria scores on a short run by Turner. PAT good Desert Vista 20 Peoria 20. At this point momentum is clearly in Peoria's hands. On the next drive Desert Vista is plagued by Peoria DE Jake Robinson. Big Jake has a sack and later blocks the Thunder punt. Following the quick strike theory after a turnover Peoria runs a reverse to Clarence Wise who scores from 19 yards out with the help of some poor Desert Vista tackling. The PAT is blocked. Peoria 26 Desert Vista 20. For the remainder of the game both teams have difficulty scoring. In an attempt to score via the air. Desert Vista is hounded and QB Pete Hargis is sacked numerous times. Peoria eventually receives the ball one more time and is able to run out the clock. Final score Peoria 26 Desert Vista 20


Bottom Line: Even without Herring, Peoria had enough big plays in them to score 26. In the second half the Peoria lines began to control the LOS on both sides. Peoria will need to put together a full game next week as they take on #1 Hamilton.


Game Balls: Turner, Miranda and Wise did a nice job making plays when needed for Peoria's O. On defense Jake Robinson was relentless. He had 4 QB hurries, 3 sacks and a blocked punt. At 6'7 he has a frame to add weight and will make a nice pass rush specialist at the next level. Chris Brogdon and Mike Tamez made big plays on both sides of the ball in a losing effort.

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