24-7Football.com-PrepAZ.com Join Forces

#1 in Basketball-#1 In Football combine to form one of the largest prep websites in the Country...

PrepAZ.com & 24-7Football.com announces a merge of the #1 prep basketball and football websites covering Arizona high school sports.

24-7Football joins PrepAZ.com & The Insiders Network, the No. 1 Independent Online Sports Network (Independent defined as unofficial network not controlled by major media company). TheInsiders is ranked No. 1 in unique users by every audit bureau and reporting service, including Nielson NetRatings, Comscore and Alexa. No. 1 magazine network - 34 college, MLB and NFL publications. TheInsiders delivers more than 1,100 daily updates and stories, in team-specific context, with links directly back to publishers, to some 25 million unique users at SI.com, Yahoo Sports, SportsLine.com and FoxSports.com.

Pioneers in Football Recruiting Coverage

TheInsiders.com has become the largest and most trusted source of football recruiting coverage on the Internet. It is the official recruiting content provider to SportsIllustrated.com, was recently chosen by CBS SportsLine as the official and exclusive source of college recruiting news for its online premium service and as the official college team website partner for all of FOX Sports team sites. Coverage via the Scout player database is led by renowned national experts Jamie Newberg and Allen Wallace, the latter's industry-standard Superprep.com becoming part of the network in 2003. Company CEO Jim Heckman invented the national college recruiting database in 1998 and has evolved what used to be considered a college recruiting "cult" business into a college sports empire that is respected by college football scouts, fans and teams throughout the nation.

Basketball Recruiting Dominance

TheInsiders.com is virtually unopposed in the delivery of basketball recruiting information online. National editor Dave Telep is the most recognized and respected scout in the country and leads a team that includes Tracy Pierson and Greg Hicks, former operators of PrepWestHoops; Jeff Goodman, formerly of Prepstars and who has written for a variety of national publications including USA Today; Chris Monter, nationally recognized publisher of the Monter Draft News and College Basketball News, and Eric Bossi, Prepstars analysts who also has written for numerous publications across the country. The lastest addition to the team is Mike Sullivan, formerly the competition's national editor and most recognized basketball expert.

The merge between PrepAZ.com (Arizona's #1 prep basketball website with over 40,000 visitors a week) and 24-7 Football.com, (Arizona's #1 prep football website with over 25,000 weekly visitors) establishes PrepAZ/24-7 Football as the leading sports web presence in Arizona covering prep sports.

Fall of 2005, PrepAZ/24-7Football will be publishing a monthly magazine covering football/basketball that will be available to you online. SchoolSports.com, the Insiders National prep website already has a circulation of 35,000 Statewide.

Our target date for the transition is this Thursday, September 30.

Gary Trousdale


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