Football Midseason All State

Here is an early look at the season's top performers thus far.

Football Midseason All - State


The first set of power points is out and playoffs are within sight.  As such, we can start to sort contenders from pretenders.  The one thing I know about contenders is you have to have players.  So here is my midseason all state.  This is always tough and the rule is if you argue with a pick you have say who you would take off and why.




QB:  All great teams have leaders at QB.  My midseason pick is Travis Dixon.  This is one smooth operator.  He has his favorite receiver in Wesley, but has in recent weeks, started spreading the ball around a little bit more.  He can also hurt you with his feet on the scramble and in the option game. 

Close:  Brian Wriston, Ben Hornbeck and Dante Johnson are putting up monster stats this season.  Also, never forget the versatility of Jaime Cota.


RB: Man this is tough!  After much thought I'm going to go with Matt Clapp and Terry Longbons.  This is a thunder and lighting combo that has helped their respective teams go undefeated to this point. 

Close:  Xavier Smith.  I would pick him but I do not cheat like other publications and pick three RB's.  Dobson's Marcus Richmond has had some great games this year.  Channing Trotter of Red Mountain can kill you so many ways it is tough to keep him off the team.


WR:  This may be the deepest position in the state and thus my picks may cause the most controversy, but here goes. Moon Valley's Chris McGaha and Hamilton's Mekell Wesley are the starters.  McGaha may be the most athletic player in the state and proves it every Friday night all over the field.  Wesley is the picture of the high school receiver; speed, routes, hands.  He benefits from the mojo he and Dixon have.

Close: Saunders Montague scores TD's in bunches, John Means of St. Mary's is a sharp receiver and may have the best ball skills I have seen this year.  Jon Stalcup is putting up big numbers.  Delton Prescott gets credit for making plays on a Washington team that is having a tough year.


TE:  Shaun Fitzpatrick of Highland is a scoring machine.  Right now the majority of his receptions are TDs.  If I had a double tight set I would go with Richie Brockel.  Brockel plays an H back position for Greenway and therefore moves around and is not a true TE but can play on my team any time.

Close: Cody Jones of Sabino and Jeff Jones of Moon Valley are having solid seasons


OL:  How would you like to run or pass behind this crew of starters?  Dusty Jones of Mt. View, Ryan Tonnemacher of Hamilton, Jordan Lowe of Centennial, Joe Bernardi of Flagstaff and Daniel Borg of Ironwood Ridge.

Close: Bobby Torres of Centennial Ian Brinker of Sal Pointe.




DL: I'm thinking of this as a 4-3 look so my Defensive ends are Junior Brian Dean of Hamilton and Peoria's Jake Robinson.  Both of these guys can get up field and put pressure on the QB.  Anchoring the inside I'm going with Chaparral's Ekom Udofia.  The Firebirds have been in games all year because they are tough to run on.  Next to Udofia would be Red Mountain's big Jon Hargis.

Close: Flagstaff's Joe Bernardi and James Brooks, Thunderbird's Dexter Davis when healthy.  Jeff Jones of Moon Valley plays big on both sides of the ball.


LB: My three linebackers will bring tons of speed to the field.  First, Richie Brockel of Greenway to plug the middle. On the outside I would have Ryan McGinty of Marana Mt. View and Xavier Smith of Sunnyside (this is how I justified not making him first team O) both of theses guys fly around and make plays.

Close: Ryan Coulter of Centennial.


DB:At Safety. I'm using Greg Bird and Matt Hain.  Red Mountain's Bird keeps everything in front of him and punishes receivers and runners when they invade his space.  I've been trying to find a spot for Hain so I will sneak him in the box and let him use quickness and smarts to make plays.  At corner Nathan Vega of Sunnyside and Cyrus Igono of Pinnacle round out the D.

Close:  Red Mountain's Channing Trotter. I would have started him but I'm saving him to return punts and kicks. 

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