Smooth as "Silk"

Horizon's Rishi "Silk" Kakad is finally going to cash in on all the hours building himself into a 1st Team All State candidate...

Rishi "Silk" Kakad was born in England. At age 3 his family landed in Arizona and for the last 14 years Kakad has worked, sweated and pushed himself to the limit to build himself into the best basketball player he can be. All without earning the respect he knowingly deserves. Even after Horizons remarkable run in the 5A State playoffs. Kakad and the Horizon Huskies trounced Alhambra in the first round, dumped Trevor Browne in the 2nd , then lost to Mesa Mountain View which ended there Cinderella story. All the while torching the nets from long range.

Still no respect.

Last season he dropped 30+ against Super Frosh Jarryd Bayless.

Still no respect.

He dropped 30+ in 2 games during their playoff run.

Still no respect.

This season he could lead the State in scoring.

Still no respect.

This season he is a 1st. Team All State candidate.

Still no respect.

Is it because he removed himself from club basketball over the last 2 years after playing for the Arizona Stars Basketball Club. Maybe.

Is it his "silky smooth" style on the court? Could be.

After all, if you put a hat and sunglasses on him he looks more like Lenny Kravitz than a fixture among the top 15 players in the State of Arizona.

"Silk" has quietly built a highly successful career at Horizon High School. At 6-2, 180 pounds of pure shooter, Kakad will battle Lawrence Westbrook (Chandler), Kal Bay (Marcos de Niza) and a handful of others for top scoring honors this season, and don't be surprised if "Silk" drops 50 in 32 minutes before his career is over.

But his final campaign in a Horizon uniform will surely earn Kakad respect, along with a future at the next level. Playing a combo guard for Horizon, Kakad is best suited at the off guard where he can stroke his 3's and create for his teammates.

Kakad's strength is his shot, but he has athletic ability behind his glide, and great court vision. All spell trouble for Husky opponents in 04-05

The Horizon Huskies behind Kakad, transfer Phil Benson (6-8,Jr.), and Jim Casey (6-4,Jr.) will be in the hunt for the 5A crown. Could this be it? Respect finally earned?

He doubts it. I don't.

"Silk's" time has come.




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