Cactus v. Prescott

<STRONG>Huge turnovers help Cactus win in comeback.</STRONG>

Prescott @ Cactus 10/8/04


Well, to be honest, by the end of the first quarter I thought that the Prescott Badgers had demoralized and all but defeated the #7 ranked Cactus Cobras… on their own homecoming!  This wasn't a back and forth game, as the score might indicate.  It was a game in which each team dominated a half; Prescott the first and Cactus the second.  This game was also one of huge plays; plays spawned by turnovers.  Now, we all know that turnovers are crucial to a team's victory, but the turnovers in this game were momentous.


In the first quarter alone, Cactus had 4 turnovers (6 in the half).  Prescott took advantage of every single one of these turnovers by putting points up on the board.  The first turnover came from an early fumble by Cactus RB Richard Morris.  The Badgers took over at the Cobra 32 yard line.  Running Back Chris Reed would then score the Badger's first points on an 11 yard TD run (extra point blocked by Jake Liber).  Josh Butler of Cactus later fumbled a punt return at their own 35 yard line, once again giving the Badgers ideal field position.  After only a few plays, QB Rick Oderfer hit Karl Stoeckel on a 20 yard TD pass (extra point good Citron). The Cobras' first play from scrimmage after the kickoff, a pass attempt by QB Jon Tobin, was picked off by Tim Winslow.  The Badgers took advantage of another opportunity with a 61 yard TD run (extra point good Citron).  The fourth turnover was a fumble by Cactus WR Jordan Flores.  This time Prescott settled for a field goal (Cintron).


Cactus finished up the first quarter with an impressive drive only to lose the ball on the first play of the second quarter on a Tobin fumble.  Prescott's Oderfer then laid out a beautiful 74 yard TD pass to Carey Hughes, putting the Badgers up 29-0 (extra point no good Citron).  The Cobras had a little spark of hope after a good drive and an ejection of Prescott player Randy Schonert put them on the Badger 6 yard line.  Richard Morris capped off the drive with a 6 yard TD run (Ricks extra point good).


HALF- Prescott 29   Cactus 7



Oderfer 8/19 for 177 yds 2 TD

Citron 2 receptions for 90 yds

302 Total yds



Tobin 5/15 78 yds 2 INT

106 Total yds



When the Cobras came out of the locker room for the third quarter, I overheard a coach talking about the "Cactus Magic".  The "Cactus Magic"?  It seems that every season the Cobras have one or two games where at halftime, most people would count them out.  Somehow, the Cobras always seem to have enough "magic" to come back.


Cactus started out with good field position on their own 44 yard line.  A hard-earned 33 yard run by Morris put the Cobras at the 13 yard line.  Tobin had his first touchdown on a 13 yard pass to Manuel Solares (2 pt. conv. no good).  The Cobra defense made an impressive stand against a dangerous Prescott offense.  Cactus took over at the Badger 35 and wasted no time taking it to the end zone on a 35 yard touchdown run by Morris (2 pt. conv. no good).


Prescott and Cactus had done a complete 180.  As the fourth quarter began the Badgers now seemed to be up against the wall, trying to defend their lead as the Cobras grew increasingly stronger. A safety gave them a couple of much needed points and the ball back.  However, two huge plays for the Cobras, including a 45 yard touchdown pass would be called back.  Tobin, seemingly flustered now, fumbled the ball, giving the Badgers the ball at the Cobra 24 yard line.  Oderfer hit Reed on a 24 yard touchdown pass (extra point good Citron).  Cactus answered right back with a huge 45 yard reception by Jordan Flores.  Flores then followed up with a 5 yard touchdown run (extra point Ricks good).  Did I already mention how important turnovers were in this game?  Well, if somehow you missed that, this next scenario is the epitome of how crucial they were.  With just over four minutes left, Prescott has the ball.  They're up 36-31 and all they have to do is keep the ball.  The Badgers fumble, Cobras recover, and they score on the next play on a Tobin-Solares touchdown 36 yard touchdown pass.  Cactus then secures the lead with a two point conversion.  Prescott had one last chance to score but a game ending interception by Josh Butler assured Cactus' victory. 


Final score: Cactus 39, Prescott 36. 

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