Tim House:  Waiting His Turn.

"> Tim House:  Waiting His Turn.


Player Spotlight: Tim House

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Good things come to those who wait, patience is a virtue, these are two of the oldest clichés known to man.  They are also very difficult for young men to observe.  Lets face it teenage boys are not known for their patience.  One of the exceptions to this is Peoria Centennial's jr. running back Tim House.  You see Tim is the backup to all-state/all world senior running back Terry Longbons as such Tim's touches are limited in the Coyote's offense.  This situation is even a greater test of patience in that Tim would not only start, but more than likely star on many of the teams throughout Arizona.


Head Coach Richard Taylor of Centennial says Tim "is a great kid with a lot of talent who has never asked why don't I get to run the  ball more?"  This is a refreshing stance in the 21st century world of American team sports where I is often more important than team.  It is this team first attitude, exemplified by House, that makes Centennial a top contender for the 4A state title.  Although not the starter, Tim contributes in a huge manner to the Coyote's success.  Talk about versatility, Tim plays defensive back, returns punts and kicks, joins Longbons in Centennial's split back set and gives Longbons breathers during games.  Last week, when given the opportunity to start, while Longbons nursed an ankle injury, House responded in a big way.  Playing then ranked region rival Pinnacle, House exploded for over 230 yards rushing and 4 touchdowns.  In his limited role this season, House has managed to put together a stat line that most jr. backs would kill for.  The 5'9 180 pound House has 569 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns (9 rushing 1 receiving).  Making the most of his touches Tim averages over 12 yards per carry.


Tim's success comes from a great combination of speed and strength.  Built low to the ground with a balanced center of gravity, House brings 4.48 speed to the field. Along with this speed, he has impressive strength. This past off-season Tim managed lifting totals of 260 pounds on the bench, 430 pounds in the squat and an impressive 260 pound power clean.  With four regular season games left and what could be a long playoff run House could well rush for 1,000 yards this season.  An impressive task but even more impressive considering he is not the starter.  Coach Taylor says they tell Tim "wait and good things will happen."  For Tim this is true in that he will be one of the top returning backs in the state next year. Maybe patience is a virtue.


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