Horizon Upsets #6 Canyon del Oro in OT

"> Horizon Upsets #6 Canyon del Oro in OT


Canyon del Oro @ Horizon

<P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt"><B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal"><SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: Verdana">Horizon Upsets #6 Canyon del Oro in OT</SPAN></B></P>

Tonight's match-up against number six ranked Canyon del Oro Dorados and the Horizon Huskies got off to a relatively slow start, but ended in a thrilling upset victory for the Huskies.  What a way to win on your own Homecoming! 


The first quarter was a back and forth running game with neither team gaining too much ground.  Early in the second quarter, with CDO inside the Horizon 25 yard line and threatening to score, senior DB Jason Nowlin picked off a Ryan Lush pass at the one yard line.  Nowlin had a good return, putting the Huskies at their own 25 yard line.  However, CDO junior DB Mike Weldon got the ball right back for the Dorados when he picked off a Dax Crum pass attempt.  The Dorados then attempted a 46 yard field goal, which was blocked by junior Reilly Sullivan, putting the Huskies on their own 20 yard line.  Horizon then made a strong drive, combining some good rushing and passing, including a hard earned 31 yard catch and run by Reilly Sullivan.  However, the Huskies were forced to settle for a field goal (22 yards, Stefan Demos).  With just under 2:00 left in the half, CDO senior WR Daniel Finnegan caught a 66 yard TD pass from junior QB Ryan Lush (extra point no good). 

HALFTIME             CDO- 6            Horizon-3


Horizon came out swinging in the second half; they were not about to lose their own homecoming.  It all started with a great defensive stance by the Huskies.  The Dorados were marching into Husky territory and looked as if they were going to score.  On a crucial third and nine play, senior DE Brad Allen picked off a pass at the 19 and brought it back to the 39.  This set up a strong Horizon offensive drive, led by some great running from Mr. Do-It-All, Reilly Sullivan.  Dax Crum put the ball in the end zone on a one yard QB keeper (extra point good Demos). 


CDO is down going into the fourth quarter, 10-6.  The Dorados had a few chances to take the lead, but a strong Husky defense and some dropped CDO passes took the game all the way to the wire.  With just over 8:00, CDO cannot convert on fourth and ten.  Horizon takes over but is forced to punt; CDO gets another chance.  Once again, the Husky defense stopped the Dorados and put some pressure on Lush with a huge group sack.  Horizon puts some more points on the board with a 28 yard Demos field goal.  Things are looking very pretty for the underdog Horizon Huskies right about now.  But wait… with only 1:28 left in the game, Lush finds junior WR Jordan Powell for a 60 yard TD pass (extra point good, Finnegan).  Overtime baby!!! 


Now, if you're unfamiliar with high school football overtime rules (you're probably not… otherwise you wouldn't be on this web site), here's how it works:

          -Each team gets the ball at the 10 yard line.

          -They have four plays to score. 

-The second team to take the field as offense must score higher than the first team to take the field as offense. 



I had hoped that this overtime would be much more exciting.  Horizon took the ball first and after three plays they were forced to kick a 21 yard field goal (Demos converted).  CDO now has four plays to score a touchdown or make a field goal, but on their first rushing attempt they drop the ball and Horizon recovers… game over. 

FINAL SCORE:             HORIZON 16             CDO 13


BOTTOM LINE: Horizon's defense played a great game.  Shut down CDO's offense on several crucial plays, including a forced fumble in OT. 

CDO's offense was ineffective, lot's of dropped balls. 


GAME BALL: I gotta go with Reilly Sullivan of Horizon.  Although he didn't have the TD that he deserved after some very impressive rushing, he did have a great game in receptions and rushing yardage and also a blocked FG. 

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