Tucson v. Salpointe

<STRONG>High reaching Heintz hauls in game winner.</STRONG>

High Reaching Heintz Hauls in Game Winner

Salpointe Stuns Tucson in Final Minute


Tucson, ArizonaOne lapse in a defensive secondary that had been performing better than expected was all it took to sink Tucson High School.  Salpointe receiver Jimmy Heintz found an area of open space in the end zone and quarterback Sean Brevaire delivered the game winning pass with 37 seconds left on the game clock.  


The 13-yard strike was Brevaire's only touchdown pass of the game.  The Badgers secondary did a commendable job against Tucson's top passer. 


Salpointe's rushing attack helped propel them to a 16-12 come-from-behind win. The Lancers picked up 162 total yards on the ground and one touchdown.  However, early mistakes nearly cost Salpointe a chance at a comeback.  On Salpointe's first offensive possession of the game, running back Nicholas Cole fumbled the ball at the line of scrimmage.  Tucson's Esteban Acedo scooped the ball up and sprinted 33 yards for a touchdown to put the Badgers ahead 6-0. 


Tucson made it 12-0 with 3:24 left in the first quarter on a 1-yard plunge by running back Ricky Watson.  On the previous play, Watson rumbled 34 yards to set up his own touchdown. 


Salpointe ignited the bulbs with 8:01 left in the 1st half on a 7-yard touchdown run by Levess Eafon. 


Tucson helped Salpointe diminish the Badgers' lead with 2:40 left in the half.  After Tucson committed a 15-yard halo violation during a punt, the snap of the 2nd attempt buzzed over the head of punter Esteban Levya and into the end zone.  Levya pounced on the ball and was tackled for a safety. 


After a silent third, Tucson appeared to gain momentum after stopping Salpointe on a 4th and 1.  Tucson gained possession at their 15-yard line and successfully burned a couple minutes off the clock. 


A huge momentum swing came with 1:55 remaining in the game.  Salpointe, who had fumbled the ball 5 times (3 forced, 1 lost, 2 fumbled snaps) on the night, caught a break when Tucson quarterback Josh Tapia mishandled the snap.  Salpointe recovered the ball at Tucson's 35-yard line. 


After a 15-yard personal foul call on Tucson, Salpointe successfully drove, using a mixture of runs and passes, to Tucson's 13-yard line. 


A run to the right gained no yards, but the ensuing play changed the outcome of the game. 


Sean Brevaire weathered a bumpy evening by completing 8-of-17 passes for 115 yards and the touchdown that mattered most.  Salpointe finished the game with 277 total yards. 


Tucson's defense played well all night, but collapsed in the crucial, final seconds.  The Badgers offense was sluggish, but managed to gain 230 total yards.  184 of those yards came from the ground game.


With the win, Salpointe moves to 5-3, 3-1 in the 5A Southern Region.  The Lancers are now in sole possession of 3rd place.  Tucson falls to 4th place at 6-2, 2-2 in the region.


Key Players


Salpointe                                                                                                                    Tucson

QB Sean Brevaire                                                                                       RB Eric Coleman

7-of-18 for 115 yards; 1 TD                                                               12 rushes for 57 yards


WR Evan LeBlanc                                                                                      RB Ricky Watson

4 recs. for 88 yards                                                                    7 rushes for 39 yards; 1 TD


WR Jimmy Heintz                                                                                       SS Esteban Acedo

2 recs. for 18 yards; 1 TD                                                       33-yard fumble return for TD

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