Top Five Freshmen-Tucson Showcase-FullCtPress

Salpointe loaded for Class of 2008. Future stars strut their stuff...

Tucson Full Court Press Shootout

Here are our picks for the top 5 freshmen.

Top 5 Freshman: (no order)

Enoch Andoh. 6-4 Salpointe
Big strong and raw big man who could turn out the top prospect in SoAZ in 3 years.

Brian Hill. 6-2 Tucson High
Most athletic Freshman in the house. Quick's and hops make for an interesting prospect if skill development catches up.

Zane Rico. 5-7 Salpointe
Gotta love this solid floor general. Size a factor but knows how to run a team. No flash, just quality basketball player.

Tyler Gage. 6-1 Salpointe
Off guard with confidence and skill to back it up. Gage, with continued physical development will be one to watch throughout the State

Will Jobe.6-6 Salpointe
Big, strong and skilled for his size. Led break with precision dimes all night long.


Saturday brings the Top Sophomores

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