Tucson Showcase-Top Juniors

The Tucson Showcase provided us a chance to see the top players in SoAZ....Here are the top juniors who participated in the Full Court Press event....

The Full Court Press Tucson Showcase featured the majority of top SoAZ Class of 2006. Here is the breakdown of the top performing juniors:

Tucson Full Court Press Shootout
Here are our picks for the top juniors.


Top Juniors: (no order)

David Jackson. 6-8 Rincon
Shot blocker and deceptive inside the paint with his thin frame. Can face the basket and shoot from 15. Clearly a top 10 player in SoAZ and with continued experience and muscle gain, could be a top 10 in Arizona in 06. Will be recruited at the DI level. Quick hops with his bounce. Thin upper body is deceiving as he plays much stronger than his look.

JJ Palmer. 6-6 Desert Christian
Big time strength. Strong. Strong. Strong. Can finish in traffic. Shot range 10ft. With his strength needs to polish basketball skills which will come with continued work. SoAZ's enforcer inside the paint. Arizona's strongest frontline player. Palmer with work this year will battle Jackson as top frontline player.

Roger Sharp. 6-4 Buena
Athletic describes this long armed Junior from Southern Arizona. Active around basket who can block shots and score in traffic. Played much better in the AZPreps showcase. But Sharp could be SoAZ's top College Prospect in 06 with skill development. A DI watch category. Plays hard!

Bryan Reisner. 6-3 Foothills
Strong 4 man who plays harder than most prep players we have seen this year. Gets ball despite being undersized big man. Timing to the ball reminds us of Mr. Rodman. Needs to improve game out to 15 ft. Workhorse who can play with anybody inside the paint. Reisner should lead SoAZ in rebounds this year.

Steve Ledesma. 5-9 Salpointe
Solid floor general. A true PG who makes teammates better. Can shoot it from 18. Quick's and court vision spell a top 15 PG in Arizona. Size and strength a factor for next level, but Ledesma a definite college prospect. A perfect leader for Salpointe's "young guns"!

Michael Dombrowski. 6-1 Salpointe
Fiery wing who competes like no other. Spreads himself all over the court for 92 feet. Involved in every play. Intense. Dombrowski can shoot it from 17, and take the ball to the rack with strength. An undersized wing that makes up for his height with smarts and passion. Another solid small college prospect.

Johnny Carrizosa. 5-11 Pueblo
Another solid PG who makes everybody around him better. Carrizosa can shoot it from 17, penetrate and dish with the best. Experience and strength will thrust him into a top 15 PG in Arizona in 2006. Will battle Ledesma as Top PG in SoAZ in 06.

Sean Arrington. 5-9 Flowing Wells
Quick's and strength his plus. Can penetrate and dish in traffic. Shot range 15ft. Experience will improve decision making for this solid 2006 PG. Plays hard. Can defend for 92 ft. Arrington, Ledesma and Carrizosa the top 3 PG's in junior class.

Brandon Rosenthal. 5-7 Foothills
Scrappy, hard worker who lines up with the solid list of PG's in SoAZ. Defends, strength and court vision a big plus. Rosenthal with experience against high level talent will develop into solid small college prospect.

Chris Brite. 6-0 Foothills
Athletic wing who plays hard. Can shoot it from 15-17. Battles inside the paint. Runs the floor and finishes. Another solid Foothills player.

Jared Timmons. 6-0 Rincon
Quiet presence on the court, but gets thing done. Lengthy athletic guard who makes the right decisions. Can shoot it, penetrate and kick it back out, or score in traffic. Timmons with physical maturity could develop into a solid small college prospect.

Deshawn Howard. 6-5 Palo Verde
Athletic, undersized 4/5. Battles inside. Needs experience and skill development over the next year. Howard is one to watch over the next year. Has a chance to really turn himself into a prospect

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