Final Rankings

<STRONG>Let the playoffs begin...</STRONG>


1.) Paradise Valley(1) - [10-0] – Dismantled Horizon 51-0. Are #1 seed in playoffs and face region foe Mt Ridge, who played them very tough earlier in the year.

2.) Brophy(3) - [9-1] – Beat North Canyon 33-14. The Broncos are the #5 seed in the playoffs and face Maryvale in the 1st round. Only mark on perfect record was 34-23 loss to Paradise Valley.

3.) Hamilton(5) – [9-1] – I know many people will say, "Hamilton just lost to Highland. How are they ranked ahead of them?" My answer is this; I think it is tough to remain perfect and focused for an entire year. Hamilton hit a speed bump and I think they are actually better for taking the L. They fixed what needed to be fixed and are ready to make a run at a repeat. The Huskies beat up on then #6 Chandler 35-0 on Friday. They are the #2 seed and face North this week.

4.) Red Mountain(8) - [9-1] – Beat then #2 and previously unbeaten Westwood 26-10. Only loss on the year was 24-7 loss to Mesa Mt View. They are the #4 seed in the playoffs and face St. Mary's this week.

5.) Highland(3) – [7-3] – Beat up on Casa Grande 58-7 and surprisingly won the Fiesta Region championship. They are as hot as can be and are the #14 seed in the playoffs. They have a tough match-up against Westwood, who is fuming after their only loss on the year to Red Mountain this week.

6.) Westwood(2) – [9-1] – Hopes for unbeaten season crashed with 26-10 loss to Red Mountain in season final. Still enter the playoffs as the #3 seed and face Highland in 1st round.

7.) Mesa Mt View(7) - [7-3] – Beat Mesa 27-13. Enter playoffs as the #9 seed and face Chandler in the 1st round. With Mt. View's track record, would you bet against them?

8.) Corona del Sol(10) – [8-2] – Beat Desert Vista for the 1st time ever 28-7. Finally got the monkey off their back and won Central Region championship. The Aztecs might be 2nd hottest team in state behind Highland. This team enters the playoffs as the #10 seed and draws a tough opponent in Peoria. If they make it past the 1st round, this team could be dangerous.

9.) Peoria(9) - [9-1] – Had a tough time with Ironwood and won 26-19. The Panthers are the #6 seed in the playoffs and have a home game versus Corona in what could be a high scoring affair.

10.) Chandler(6) - [8-2] – Ended season on a bad note with 2 straight losses, one to Highland and on Friday to Hamilton. Enter the playoffs as the #8 seed. The offense must get back on track if they plan to beat Mt. View in the 1st round.


1.) Sunnyside(1) - [10-0] - Beat Santa Rita 61-12 to remain unbeaten. Drew the #3 seed in the playoffs and face Grand Canyon Region champs Coconino.

2.) Centennial(2) - [10-0] – Put a hurtin' on rival Cactus for Wells Fargo Region championship 54-6. The Coyotes drew the #1 seed in the playoffs and face McClintock in the 1st round.

3.) Moon Valley(3) - [10-0] – Beat Thunderbird 40-6. The Rockets are the #4 seed and face Sabino at home in the 1st round. Let's see if the Rockets get through the postseason as easily as they got through the regular season.

4.) Cactus(5) – [9-1] – Finally met their match when they lost to Centennial 54-6. Many will ask, "After that loss to Centennial, how can Cactus remain #4?" Well, yes they were beaten badly by Centennial but so was everyone else. They are the #2 seed in the playoffs and actually draw a very tough match-up against Millennium. This game could be very dangerous for the Cobras if they play like they did last week.

5.) Saguaro(6) – [9-1] – Beat Tempe 33-19. Only loss on the year was in opening week to Cactus. Enter the playoffs as the #6 seed and play Amphitheater in the 1st round.

6.) Flagstaff(4) – [9-1] – Finally lost a game, losing to 20-15 to rival Coconino up in the dome. I think playing in the dome actually worked against Flagstaff as they are a big bruising team that relies on the O and D lines to win games and the turf gave Coconino a slight speed advantage. They still enter the playoffs the #5 seed and face Desert Sky Region champs Independence in the 1st round.

7.) Cienega(7) - [8-2] – Beat Pueblo 45-7. Only 9 points separates this team from being unbeaten. They are the #7 seed in the playoffs and face Ironwood Ridge.

8.) Chaparral(8) – [7-3] – Beat Arcadia 30-7. Lost 3 games by a combined 19 points. Enter as the #8 seed and play Prescott down in the valley.

9.) Independence(9) – [9-1] – Won 1st ever Desert Sky Region championship when they beat Cortez 49-13. Enter playoffs as the #12 seed and get tough draw as they must travel up to Flagstaff in the 1st round.

10.) Millennium(13) – [8-3] – Beat Agua Fria 52-21 for West Valley Region championship. The Tigers enter the playoffs as the #15 seed and face a Cactus team looking to rebound from 1st loss on the season.

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