5A Playoff Preview

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5A Playoff Preview


#1 Paradise Valley vs #16 Mountain Ridge

This may be the most interesting first round match up. Paradise Valley worked hard to cement the top spot in 5A only to lose their best player FB/LB Matt Clapp. Obviously, the loss of Clapp hurts, but the Trojans still sport a trio of talented skill players in RB Aazaad Muhammad, QB Ryan Barela and WR Andrew Leahy. Mountain Ridge has also fought injuries this year to top players Tim Ham and Nick Covey.  After a slow start, losing four of their first five games, (one being a 17 to 27 loss to PV) Mountain Ridge has rebounded to five straight wins behind the athletic play of QB Austin Martin.

Tale of the Tape:                         Playoff Teams Played                                 

Paradise Valley 10-0                       Mountain Ridge W 27-17

Points Scored – 407                     Brophy W 34-23

Points Allowed – 117                     St. Mary's W 30-16


Mountain Ridge 6-4                         Brophy L 21-27

Points Scored – 328                     Chandler L 13-27

Points Allowed – 191                     Paradise Valley L 17-27

                                                Maryvale W 43-11


#8 Chandler vs #9 Mesa Mt. View

As with most brackets, 8 vs 9 games always make for an interesting match up and rarely do you see a blow out. This game should be no exception. Host team Chandler is limping into the playoffs coming off of back-to-back losses to Hamilton and Highland.  The Chandler offense has only generated seven points in the two losses.  Mt.View comes into playoffs with three losses by a combined total of six points.  If they make it out of this tough first round match up they could make some noise.

Tale of the Tape:                         Playoff Teams Played

Chandler 8-2                             Mt. Ridge W 27-13

Points Scored- 269                       Highland L 7-14

Points Allowed-87                        Hamilton L 0-35


Mt.View 7-3                               Hamilton L 20-21

Points Scored-267                        Salpointe L 10-13

Points Allowed 100                       Red Mountain W 24-7

                                                Westwood L 7-9

#5 Brophy vs #12 Maryvale

Brophy comes into playoffs playing solid football. Their only loss this season is to 5A # 1 Paradise Valley. The running of Markel DeVorce has given young QB Conor Hearn the opportunity to become very efficient, thus giving Brophy a well-rounded attack. The offense is supported by a D that is allowing just fifteen points a game.  Maryvale is coming off a loss to hot Mt. Ridge.  Maryvale's three losses all came at the hands of playoff teams. The Panther backfield of Jermaine Williams and Ronald Huckaby can be explosive. If they get rolling, the talented Panthers could be a tough playoff draw.

Tale of the Tape:                                  Playoff Teams Played

Brophy 9-1                                         St. Mary's W 17-16

Points Scored 374                                  Paradise Valley L 23-34

Points Allowed 150


Maryvale 7-3                                         Canyon del Oro L 14-27

Points Scored 262                                  Corona del Sol W 24-14

Points Allowed 193                                 Hamilton L 7-36

                                                          Mt. Ridge L 11-43


#4 Red Mountain vs #13 St.Mary's

Red Mountain is riding momentum into playoffs after a big win over region rival Westwood. Red Mountain may have the states top offensive playmaker in Channing Trotter and the states top defensive playmaker in Greg Bird. Expect St. Mary's coach Pat Farrell to have a few tricks up his sleeve as he returns the Knights to the playoffs. Remember, St. Mary's three losses are by a combined seventeen points to the #1, #3 and #5 seeds of this bracket.

Tale of the Tape:                                  Playoff Teams Played

Red Mountain 9-1                                Mesa Mt. View L 7-24

Points Scored 374                                  Westwood W 26-10

Points Allowed 152


St.Mary's 7-3                                           Highland W 30-7

Points Scored 354                                  Westwood L 34-36

Points Allowed 164                                 Brophy L 16-17

                                                          Paradise Valley L 16-30


#6 Peoria vs #11 Corona del Sol

If you like explosive backfields this is the game for you. Keegan Herring and Markus Turner are probably better known than the Aztec backfield of Blaise Johnson and Daniel McClendon but their rush stats are very similar. Herring and Turner have combined for 1,585 rush yards while Johnson and McClendon have combined for 1,594. This could come down to which defense can best contain the other teams highlight reel runners.

Tale of the Tape:                                  Playoff Teams Played

Peoria 9-1                                           Hamilton L 0-34

Points Scored 312

Points Allowed 145


Corona del Sol 8-2                               Hamilton L 7-42

Points Scored 372                                  Maryvale L 14-24

Points Allowed 161


#3 Westwood vs #14 Highland

Talk about a tough draw for Westwood. Highland may be playing the best football of anyone in the state right now. Highland coach Preston Jones has the fly series offense working very efficiently right now and a D that has given up just twenty-nine points in the last three games. Westwood is coming off a tough loss to region rival Red Mountain, but brings a potent run game lead by the dynamic jr. duo of QB Brice Wilkins and RB Jay Leal. (Leal only punted last week vs Red Mountain as he nursed an injury). Watch how the D line of both teams handles the road grader O lines of the other team. Also keep an eye on Highland's Shawn Fitzpatrick and Westwood's Luke Jaicks. Both teams like to pound you with the run game and then hit these two on opportunistic play action passes.

Tale of the Tape:                                  Playoff Teams Played

Westwood 9-1                                     St. Mary's W 36-34

Points Scored 308                                  Mt.View W 9-7

Points Allowed 102                                 Red Mountain L 10-26


Highland 7-3                                       Salpointe L 7-14

Points Scored 316                                  St. Mary's L 7-30

Points Allowed 121                                 Hamilton W 37-15

                                                          Chandler w 14-7

#7 Salpointe v #10 Canyon del Oro

This is a big showdown in Tucson. Whichever team makes it out of this game has the chance to go deep into the playoffs. Remember, Salpointe has wins over both Highland and Mt.View. Canyon del Oro pounded Salpointe earlier this season with over 220 rush yards in a 27-7 win.

Tale of the Tape:                                  Playoff Teams Played

Salpointe 7-3                                         Highland W 14-7

Points Scored 247                                  Mt. View W 13-10

Points Allowed 132                                 Canyon del Oro L 7-27


Canyon del Oro 8-2                              Maryvale W 27-14

Points Scored 274                                  Salpointe w 27-7

Points Allowed 167


#2 Hamilton v #15 North

Can you hear it, the theme song to Rocky playing in the background? Coach Stuart Goldstein has to be a candidate for coach of the year, guiding North to a 9-1 season and a playoff birth. Only problem, Hamilton, last years state champ is up in the 1st round. After two tough weeks in a loss to Highland and a tough win over Gilbert, the Huskies righted the ship with a convincing 35-0 win over Chandler. Look for North to pull out all the stops in a nothing to lose game and for Hamilton to send a message that they are the team to beat in these playoffs. 

Tale of the Tape:                                  Playoff Teams Played

Hamilton 9-1                                         Mt.View W 21-20

Points Scored 365                                  Corona del Sol W 42-7

Points Allowed 92                                  Maryvale W 36-7

                                                          Peoria W 34-0

                                                          Highland L 15-37

                                                          Chandler W 35-0


North 9-1                                    None                                       

Points Scored 368

Points Allowed 178

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