Moon Valley vs. Sabino

Rockets cruise in the 1st round

Because of the weather conditions being as they were, one would expect it to slow down Moon Valley's offensive attack.  However, borrowing a phrase from Lee Corso, "Not so fast my friend" the old saying is that speed never takes a day off, that couldn't be more true after witnessing Moon Valley.


The game started out quickly and it looked as though Sabino was going to knock off the undefeated Rockets.  Sabino running back Glyndon Bolasky took the very first offensive play of the game off the left side into the secondary and off to the races, 80 yards later he finds the end zone, touchdown Sabercats.  PAT no good 6-0 Sabino.  Moon Valley would strike back on a crucial 3rd and 6 play Moon Valley quarterback Brian Wriston boots left and hooks up with Matt Hain who leaps and makes a spectacular leaping catch on the sideline for a Rocket 1st down.  Two plays later Wriston again drops back this time hitting Tsar Johnson for a 25 yard gain inside the Sabercat 20.  Wriston rolls right looking toward the end zone and finds a wide open man in Jeff Jones who makes the catch touchdown Rockets.  PAT no good 6-6.  Moon Valley wasn't done after forcing a Sabino 3 and out the Rocket offense gives it to Hain and Johnson a few times than Wriston hooks up with Chris McGaha on an out route getting the Rockets inside the Sabino 20 yard line.  Couple plays later McGaha gets the ball this time from the I back position takes a stretch play to the right makes a few guys miss and runs a few more over touchdown Rockets.  Two point conversion fails 12-6 Moon Valley.  On the ensuing possession Sabino quarterback Justin Randall is sacked by Isiah Smart forcing another punt.  After a few more Tsar Johnson runs gets the rockets some 1st downs and moves them into Sabino territory.  Wriston once again hooks up with McGaha on a fade route in between two defenders McGaha leaps and makes the catch touchdown Moon Valley.  PAT good 19-6 Moon Valley.


2nd quarter was much like the 1st, Randall's pass is picked off by a Darrell Sumpter who returns it all the way to the Sabino 45 yard line.  Than the running of Tsar Johnson and company attack Sabino.  A toss to Johnson on the left side, plus a few off tackle to the right and before you know it the Rockets are knocking on the doorstep again on the Sabino 6 yard line.  Johnson takes the ball off the right side touchdown PAT no good 26-6 Moon Valley.  The next time Moon Valley has the ball Sabino forces a punt only the Rockets call the fake and little Matt Hain takes off down the sideline for a pick up of 28 yards and a rocket first down on the 1 yard line.  Tsar Johnson takes it dive right touchdown rockets, 2 point conversion to Jeff Jones good 32-6 Moon Valley.  Once again the Rocket defense forces a punt giving the back to its high powered offense.  Moon Valley turns to the ground game led by Tsar Johnson who takes a toss left down to the Sabino 2 yard line.  Than fullback Shawn Gilbert takes it in from 2 yards out PAT good 40-6 Moon Valley at half.


3rd quarter much of the same.  Moon Valley receives the kickoff and marches down the field into the Sabino red zone.  Wriston than rolls right and finds his buddy McGaha open in the middle of the end zone touchdown Rockets PAT good 47-6.  Sabino showed a ton of character though and never quit.  Turning to the running game and began to pound out a drive.  After a couple long Bolasky runs Sabino has it inside the Moon Valley 5, fake toss right counter underneath to Brooks Reed touchdown Sabercats.  PAT no good 47-12.  Sabino recovers the onside kick and has a drive going that is halted by a couple of penalties.  Moon Valley's defense holds.  Final Score Moon Valley 47 Sabino 12.


Bottom Line:  Moon Valley just had to much speed on Friday night.  On numerous occasions Sabino had plays open but because of their speed Moon Valley was able to take away that big play that so much drives high school football.


Game ball: This could go to a number of players but, give it to Matt Hain.  Wriston, McGaha and Johnson get all the attention and accolades and deservedly so. However, Matt Hain seems to be the heart and soul of this football team.  If he were a couple of inches taller he would be a recruiters dream.  Give me 11 guys who play as hard as Matt Hain and I give you a state championship.


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