Brophy vs. Red Mountain

Broncos advance

Brophy came in with a game plan of making Red Mountain throw the ball to win.  With 8 men stacked in the box to stop the power run game led by Channing Trotter, Brophy was able to force a bunch of 3rd and long situations in order to take Red Mountain away from their strength.


1st Quarter: Brophy receives the opening kickoff and executes a perfect drive mixing up the play calling between runs from super back Markel DeVorce and a few quick outs from quarter back Conor Hearn.  After putting the ball inside the red zone and getting down to the 3 yard line, Brophy had to settle for a field goal from Conor Hearn which split the upright 3-0 Brophy.  Red Mountain takes their first possession and is able to get a couple of first downs, however on second down quarterback Maurice Hector is sacked by Casey Wolf forcing a 3rd and long situation, Red Mountain tried a tight end screen that was sniffed out by the Bronco defense, Red Mountain is forced to punt it away.  The teams both force a couple of three and outs, end of the 1st quarter Brophy 3 Red Mountain 0.


2nd Quarter:  Red Mountain is mounting a drive, after a nice run of 29 yards by Ryan Ledbetter the Lions are moving the chains.  Brophy is able to put the clamps on and force a 4th and 10 situation inside their own 40, Red Mountain tries to go up top, but pressure on Hector forces him to scramble, but he is stopped short by Rahnee Dennard ending the drive and giving the ball back to the Broncos.  Brophy goes to work and achieves a couple of first downs but they can't move anymore and are forced to punt, however, they attempt the fake, but the pass falls incomplete giving Red Mountain the ball at midfield.  Once again the Bronco D was up to the task, stuffing the Lions on three consecutive plays to force a punt.  Red Mountain tries a fake punt of their own, but that too is unsuccessful giving Brophy the ball at midfield.  After a couple of first downs to the Broncos they have the ball at the Red Mountain 30 yard line.  Coming out in a three receiver set, Brophy goes to the air, Hearn hits his slot receiver Mike Gianolla over the middle in the end zone touchdown Broncos.  PAT Good Brophy 10 Red Mountain 0.


3rd Quarter: New quarter same results.  Red Mountain gets the ball to open up the second half and goes to the run game, nothing doing on the ground, which forces a 3rd and long situation again for the Lions.  Hector rolls left looking down field, but a great play by Markel DeVorce to take away the corner and a sack on Hector forces Red Mountain to punt it away yet again.  Brophy goes to their run game, after a nice run off the left side DeVorce is into the secondary, but he fumbles the ball, which is picked up by Greg Bird giving Red Mountain some life, but like Lee Corso always says "Not so fast my friend", the ball is given back to Brophy because of a 15 yard facemask penalty.  Brophy is cooking inside the red zone.  After a few nice runs Brophy has it first and goal on the 1 yard line.  QB sneek left and Hearn is able to find the end zone touchdown Broncos.  PAT Good Brophy 17 Red Mountain 0


4th Quarter:  Red Mountain turns to the air in the 4th quarter and starts to move the ball.  A couple of times Hector was able to hit Greg Bird with some nice gains on boot plays, but every time it looked as though Red Mountain had something going, Brophy would step up with a huge play and force the Lions into long situations.  As a team that would rather run the football that really put Red Mountain in a bind.  Brophy is able to get the ball back and they turn to their run game to run the clock, Devorce takes it off the right side for a gain of 30 yards down to the Red Mountain 3 yard line.  Couple plays later DeVorce again up the middle gets into the end zone touchdown Broncos.  PAT Good Brophy 24 Red Mountain 0.


Final Score Brophy 24 Red Mountain 0


Bottom Line:  Brophy came in with a defensive game plan of stopping Channing Trotter and trying to make Red Mountain throw the football.  The Broncos had 8 men in the box on nearly every play regardless of the down and distance.  Defensively, Brophy was able to neutralize the speed of the Lions by taking great angles to the ball and gang tackling. 


Game Balls: The Bronco defense gets one for pitching a shut out.  Great effort and really empressive angles on the ball all night long.  QB Conor Hearn, who for only a sophomore is really poised and made the play when his team needed him.  RB Markel DeVorce, this guy is electric, great speed and vision, he only needs a crack and watch out.  For Red Mountain, what can you say about Greg Bird, the guy is all over the place making plays or busting his tail to get in the right position.  Big Jon Hargis, he is a real beast up front who should get plenty of looks next season.

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