Moon Valley v. Centennial

<STRONG>Sun Devil I come.</STRONG>

Moon Valley 14 Centennial 10 Two teams came into tonight's game with perfect records but this game was far from perfect as turnovers and penalties affected the play of both teams. It was Moon Valley that was able to overcome their flaws to come out victorious and headed to Sun Devil Stadium. Centennial came out trying to pound the ball with their massive offensive line and RB Tim House but was held in check by the Rocket D led by DT Sammy Chung and LB Matt Hain. What held Moon valley back was penalties. They opened up with two penalties on the 1st three plays and a costly face guarding penalty later in the series moved Centennial into scoring position. The Rocket defense would tighten up and hold the Coyotes to a 27 yard FG by Ryan Aird made the score 3-0 Centennial. Moon Valley opened up big with a 30 yard Brian Wriston to Jowan Johnson pass but the Centennial defense would hold and force a punt. Centennial's next possession was the Tim House Show. He made runs of 26, 21 and 9 yards during this 90 yard drive. He later would punch in a 3 yard TD to put Centennial up 10-0 near the end of the 1st quarter. Moon Valley was still not able to get anything going on their next possession and punted but received a spark when Chung stripped the ball from QB Joe Caskey's hands and recovered it. Two plays later Hain scampered 57 yards for Moon valley's 1st score. After the PAT the score was 10-7 in favor of Centennial. Both teams would drive the field during the second quarter but come up with no points. Again Centennial would drive the field with House and Caskey had some nice runs. But all would be for not, as Arid would miss a 34 yarder. Moon Valley chose to fake the 40 yard field goal but also came up empty handed. The half would end with Centennial leading by a score of 10-7. The first four series of the 2nd half had some strange events. 1st Centennial attempted an onside kick to open the half and Moon Valley recovered with great field position on the 47. They never got anything going and were forced to punt. Centennial's 1st possession was stopped when Chris McGaha picked off a Caskey pass and returned it to the 35 yard line. A late hit would put them at the 20. On 2nd down though Moon valley would fumble with Tanner Highlen recovering but on Centennial's 1st play they fumbled the ball back and put Moon valley on the 8 yard line. RB Tsar Johnson ran 7 yards on the 1st play and McGaha punched it in from 1 yard out to take the lead 14-10. Moon Valley clearly had the momentum but was never able to seal the game until late but even then the game was close. 1st Moon Valley was able to eat up a big portion of the 4th quarter with a 10 play drive that resulted in no points as Devincinzo missed a 27 yard FG. But the Coyotes never capitalized as Moon stopped them short on 4th and inches to seemingly "seal" the game. On Moon's 3rd kneel down, Wriston never got the snap, fumbled and Centennial recovered the ball with 11 seconds left. Caskey's last ditch efforts came up short as the game ended on an Isaiah Smart sack of Caskey. The final was 14-0 Moon Valley. Bottom Line: Neither team played their best and this game could have gone either way. This game was pretty evenly matched as far as talent and I think the score shows that. It is a shame that one of these teams has to go home. Game Balls: Matt Hain, Sam Chung and Chris McGaha. All three came up huge on defense. Hain and Chung effectively slowed down House except for a few big gains on draw plays. McGaha came up with big plays at big times. His INT in the 3rd was a huge momentum swing. He ran for a 39 yard gain on 4th and 1 and he also made a huge 15 yard catch on 3rd and 11 to keep drives alive in the 4th. I can't forget to include some Centennial players. House was the Coyotes main threat and came close to breaking quite a few big runs. I also thought LB Ryan Coulter played well. He was all over the place.

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