4A Top Ten

The 4A has been wacky all season long. Who is #1? We won't know until March, but along the way more than a few programs will taste it...Coconino's Comander King <b> (pictured) </b> has a big date with Page tonight!

PrepAZ.com's 4A Top 10
February 1. 2005

Record: 20-2
Comments: How did these guys get to #1?  A great shooting guard, superior coaching and a wacky 4A in 2004-2005.  After losing 6-9 John Black in 04, nobody expected this!  Steve Hudson is the man.
2.  PAGE
Record: 19-3
Comments: 6-10 James Anderson is the reason they sit at #2.  Tough game tonight vs. Coco.  Weak schedule will hurt on their road to the State crown.  Should they be #1?  A date in Glendale Arena will answer the question.
Record: 19-4
Comments: Murdock has been out.  Brock Entner has stirred up interest in his recruitment. (A national scout called us this past week for info).
Record: 22-3
Comments: Marawan Shehata.  Enough said.  Amphi will hit a brick wall come playoffs, or will they?
Record: 19-5
Comments: What happened?  A couple burps but Monti Washington and co. will bring them back to a legit threat.  Big loss to #6 Catus Shadows hurts.
Record: 17-6
Comments: Coach Nate Bjorkgren and the Falcons are the 4A flavor of the month.  The pressure is on to keep it going.
Record: 18-5
Comments: The most underrated player in AZ prep hoops is carrying the load.  6-2 Tareq Ramirez is the name, and will sit in the middle of the 4A All State Team come March!
Record: 19-4
Comments: No respect is the cry.  Coach Paul Murphy and SR Point Guard Romero Hood will prove to all they are a legit final four team. 
Record: 16-5
Comments: Comander King!  Is that a great name or what?  He can flat out coach as well.  The Panthers can put themselves on the map with a win over Page tonight!
Record: 22-4
Comments: The run n stun has worked but the Apaches need to stay focused or it all will come crashing down.

Others to Watch: McClintock, Moon Valley, Apache Junction, Buckeye, Shadow Mountain

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