2004 Arizona High School Player of the Year

<STRONG>Hamilton QB given 24-7Football's Player of the Year</STRONG>

Let's start off by saying that this season was a great one for Arizona High School Football. There were many great performances and many kids that could argue for the spot as the top player in the state. When all was said and done and our votes were tallied, Hamilton Sr QB Travis Dixon was given the 1st Annual 24-7 Football.com Player of the Year Award.


When searching for words to describe Travis Dixon, there are many that pop into your mind. One of those words is leadership. They say that defending a championship is one of the hardest things to do in sports. The champions have a target on their back all season long, every team gets hyped up when they see they are playing the defending state champs this week and everyone is looking to knock them off. A great leader will accept all challenges and find a way to lead his troops to victory no matter the circumstances. Many of the younger players on the Hamilton team looked up to Dixon as he was a battle tested field general that was cool under pressure. Even with the target on their back and the pressure of being the consensus preseason #1 team, Dixon still was able to lead his Hamilton Huskies team to a 13-1 record and second state championship.


The quarterback is the cornerstone of any great football team and one of the most important qualities a QB can have is being able to make good decisions. The Hamilton offense was based around Dixon and his decision making abilities; and Dixon flourished. While running the option, Dixon accounted for 747 yards rushing and 12 TDs when he kept the ball and when a team focused on stopping Dixon, he would pitch it to RB Cody Engelbrecht who ran for over 1,200 yards on the season. He was asked to be an accurate passer and he was; completing nearly 60% of his passes and WR Mekell Wesley benefited by grabbing over 50 catches for 1,000 yards.


Were there players with more passing yards then Dixon? Yes. Were there players with more rushing yards then Dixon? Yes. But one would be hard pressed to find someone as effective and efficient at doing both as Travis Dixon. He quietly put together a fantastic season; accumulating over 2,800 yards of offense and accounting for 36 TDs. This was accomplished even though Hamilton faced five playoff teams in the regular season and many teams focused on stopping Dixon. Many coaches will tell you, that the key to stopping Hamilton is stopping Dixon, but stopping Dixon is the hard part. He played mistake free football; rarely turning the ball over and was able to utilize the players around him. A typical box score for Dixon would read: 11 of 15 passing for 160 yards and 2 TDs and 70 yards rushing for another score. Neither category being that mind blowing but when you add the two categories together you get 230 yards of offense and 3 scores, which is pretty impressive.


Travis Dixon is a great character kid. He is the type of person that any coach would want around their program. He is good student, dependable and coachable. He will do what ever is asked of him to better his team. But probably the best word to describe Dixon is winner. He was 26-2 the last two years as Hamilton's QB and has two state championship rings, not many other people can claim that. Good job Travis and the staff at 24-7 Football.com would like to congratulate you for all of your accomplishments and wish you good luck in the future. Any college program will benefit from having Travis on their team.


Finalists (in no particular order)


Chris McGaha- Moon Valley
Markel Devorce- Brophy
Matt Clapp- Paradise Valley
Brian Wriston- Moon Valley

Tim House- Centennial

Matt Hain- Moon Valley
Austin Martin- Mountain Ridge

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