Preseason and Postseason Comparison

<STRONG>Let's see if we predicted right...</STRONG>

We tried to rank how the teams finished as objectively as possible. What we did was Hamilton won it so they finish #1 obviously. Mt. Ridge was the runner-up so they get the #2 spot. Now we get tricky, both Highland and Brophy lost in the semifinals, so how did we rank them? Well Brophy gets the #3 spot because they were the higher playoff seed as they were the #5 seed while Highland was the #14 seed.




Final Rankings

Preseason 24-7 Rankings


1.) Hamilton

1.) Hamilton

We hit this one right on the money but so did a lot of other people.

2.) Mt. Ridge

2.) Mt. View

Ridge started out rough but finished off pretty close to were we expected.  We were a little off with the Mt View pick.

3.) Brophy

3.) Salpointe

We completely missed on Brophy but were fairly close with the Salpointe pick.

4.) Highland

4.) Mt. Ridge

Another wiff with Highland but again the Mt Ridge pick was solid.

5.) Red Mountain

5.) Peoria

Not too bad with the Red Mountain pick at #6. We had Peoria a little high but they lost to a hot Corona team.

6.) Salpointe

6.) Red Mountain

Not bad with Salpointe and pretty close with Red Mountain

7.) Mt. View

7.) Gilbert

Mt. View finished a little lower than expected and Gilbert underachieved this year.

8.) Corona

8.) Maryvale

Corona was a bubble top 10 team in the preseason for us, so we were not that far off. We had Maryvale a bit high.

9.) Paradise Valley

9.) Chandler

A #9 ranking may not be fair for PV as they lost their star player and lost to a very hot team but it was close to our pick. Solid Chandler pick.

10.) Westwood

10.) Paradise Valley

Westwood was another borderline top 10 team for us and they finished pretty close to where we expected.

11.) Peoria


Again, they finished lower than expected. Maybe the injury to Herring had something to do with it.

12.) Chandler


Finished a little lower than expected.

13.) Canyon del Oro



14.) Maryvale


Finished lower than expected.

15.) St. Mary's



16.) North








Final Ranking

Preseason 24-7 Ranking


1.) Moon Valley

1.) Sunnyside

We had to go with the defending champs with all of their returning starters. We knew Moon had the potential. Solid pick.

2.) Cactus

2.) Centennial

Cactus had an awesome year. We were one of the few that even had them in the top 10, Centennial pick was close.

3.) Centennial

3.) Chaparral

Again Cent. was close and Chaparral pick was a little high but not bad.

4.) Saguaro

4.) Moon Valley

Big miss on Saguaro, solid with Moon Valley pick.

5.) Sunnyside

5.) Greenway

Sunnyside had a tough game with Saguaro but we missed big with Greenway.

6.) Flagstaff

6.) Mingus

Flag came out of no where and another big miss with Mingus.

7.) Cienega

7.) Thunderbird

Cienega had an awesome year we had them pegged 2nd in region, a little off. Who knows how Tbird would have finished with Sean Morris.

8.) Chaparral

8.) Cactus

Again, we were one of the few people that had Cactus in the top 10. Chap finished lower than we expected.

9.) Prescott

9.) Sabino

Prescott was a borderline top 10 team for us, so we weren't that far off. Decent Sabino pick.

10.) Ironwood Ridge

10.) Ironwood Ridge

Right on the money.

11.) Amphitheater



12.) Independence



13.) Sabino


Again a little off with Sabino.

14.) Coconino


Borderline top 10 for us, so not a bad prediction.

15.) Millennium


Same as above.

16.) McClintock



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