Centennial's Ryan Coulter Lets His Play Do The Talking"> Centennial's Ryan Coulter Lets His Play Do The Talking">

Recruiting Watch: Ryan Coulter

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It is tough to get noticed when you are a 5'10 195 pound linebacker.  You spend your whole career either taking on lineman who weigh 75 pounds more than you or chasing backs and receivers that run 4.4 forties.  It may even be tougher for Ryan Coulter in that he has shared the field his entire Centennial high school football career, with a who's who of 4A football.  All world running backs Terry Longbons and Tim House get most of the headlines. Big O and D linemen Jordan Lowe, Bobby Torres and Tanner Highlen capture the attention of D1 recruiters and QB Joe Caskey had a breakout year throwing the ball to Junior Hackworth and Matt Keith.  So if you are Ryan how do you get noticed, you just bring it every game.


This past season Coulter let his play do the talking amassing nearly 150 tackles, three sacs and two interceptions on his way to a 4A all-state season.  His success comes from good instincts and a non-stop motor on the field.  What makes Ryan a special player is his versatility.  Although somewhat small at linebacker, he has tremendous strength recording a 315 pound bench, 430 pound squat and a 285 pound clean, add to this strength a forty best of 4.56 and you can see why he averaged nearly twelve tackles a game this year.


Currently, Ryan has verbally committed to Phoenix College but would like to play at a four year school.  At the next level, Ryan may lack prototypical linebacker size but should be able to make plays on special teams, cover and play in space along with having the toughness to play in the box.  Whatever program gets Ryan will gain a solid, unselfish, player who knows how to win.

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