Player Spotlight: Clayton Dowd

<STRONG>Chat with North High's Clayton Dowd</STRONG>

RB/DB Clayton Dowd came out of no where to have a spectacular year for North HS. He was named 1st Team All Arizona, 1st Team All 5A and was the Metro Region's Player of the Year. He were able to chat with Clayton and this is what he had to say…


24-7: You were a major factor in North's turn around. 1st why did you transfer and are you happy with the decision?


Clayton: I transferred to North because of the academic move. I realized at the end of last year that I wasn't doing too hot in the classroom, too many distractions. So I decided to move to a school which has the IB program. I took an IB pre-calculus class last semester and have brought my GPA up. I now have a 3.0. Then I thought about football. I really didn't think I had a chance to go on to the next level until about Region play this year. So overall I am very happy that I transferred to North, both academically, and athletically.

24-7: What were your stats on the year?


Clayton: 841 yards rushing, 18 rushing TDs , 16 catches for 335 yards and 2 TDs on offense. On defense, 60 tackles and 5 INTs.

24-7: Can we expect to see North in the playoffs year in and year out?


Clayton: Yes, I believe that North is on its way to becoming a major playoff contender, year in and year out. Coach Goldstein and his staff are great and the kids believe in what he says, they will win!

24-7: Although the season ended on a bad note, what did it feel like after the season when you reflected and realized what you guys had accomplished?


Clayton: It was absolutely amazing, grant it, for a week and the Hamilton game, I didn't want to think or talk about football at all. But recently, I noticed that the former players, all alumni, the school, everyone is starting to get some school spirit back, its great. Friday vs. Camelback in basketball, with 10 seconds left in the game, us winning, it was great to be able to cheer, "Just like Football" and to see the expression on their faces was priceless. I get goose bumps thinking about it, but I am in no way satisfied in losing in the first round.

24-7: What schools are you currently getting recruited by? Any trips or offers?


Clayton: I am setting up a trip w/ Adams State, I have received a scholarship offer from Linfield College and Adams St already.

24-7: What school would you commit to, right now, if they offered you?


Clayton: I would commit to NAU right now over any school in the country.

24-7: What advice would you give to a junior about to go through the recruiting process?


Clayton: I have given advice to my little brother Cody, don't hold anything back, you need to start early and promote yourself academically, athletically, and especially your character. You need to be a respectful football player, not just a "jock"

24-7: What is your best bench, 40, clean and squat?


Clayton: Bench: 255 Squat: 385 Clean: 235 40: 4.62 on grass

24-7: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?


Clayton: The best advice I have received is a quote Coach Goldstein always makes, "live everyday like its your last, cause one day it will be." This has a lot of meaning, but mainly to me it means hold nothing back, work harder than you ever have, through the pain and the agony because when your done with football, you will wish you could just run one more sprint, do one more play, anything to get that feeling back

24-7: What were the high and low points of the season?


Clayton: The high point of our season was beating Camelback, they are our rivals and talked all year long about how they can't wait to play us. Ever since passing league, they had something against me and my brother.

24-7: What would you change from this year?


Clayton: I honestly wouldn't change anything, I know a lot of kids would say beat Sunrise Mountain, but I wouldn't. I think as a team, we needed that (loss). With a team that hadn't had a winning season in 18 years, to go 4-0 in the beginning, we got a little cocky and we needed to lose to show that we aren't all that.


24-7: Who is the best player you have ever played against?


Clayton: The best player I have ever played against was Travis Dixon (QB Hamilton). That kid is absolutely amazing, he hit me like a linebacker and ran like a running back. He is so good!


24-7: What can you bring to a college football?


Clayton: I can bring a lot to a college team, such as my willingness to play where needed, to listen and learn, and my knowledge of the game. Our DBs coach, Coach Lee Brush, taught me how to read plays out of the huddle and what signs to look for to help me understand pre snap what they might run. We broke down every formation they had run the past 2 years, and every play they had run out of them. Then we did the numbers and saw what was likely to come our way! would like to thank Clayton for his time and encourage any coach interested in him to call Coach Goldstein at North.

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