Athletic QB Weighs Options For Next Season"> Athletic QB Weighs Options For Next Season">

Player Spotlight: Austin Martin

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This past season, highly regarded Mt.Ridge high school started the season losing four of its first five games.  One of the primary keys to their turn around was the conversion of wide receiver Austin Martin to quarterback.  Martin proceeded to use his athleticism to guide Mt.Ridge to the state championship game.


24-7: You have one of the most well rounded stat lines I have ever seen. What were your stats this past season?


Austin: Passing: 91 completions out of 167 Attempts, 1455 Yards, 13 TDs 8 Ints

Rushing: 72 rushes, 809 yards 13 TDs

Receiving: 15 catches, 140 yards 2 TDs

115 Total tackles 72 Solo tackles 43 Assists

1 Interception 1 sack 2 blocked field goals


24-7: What was it like to be a part of such a great turn around?  What do you feel was the key to the team  making the run to the state championship game?


Austin: Our turn around was amazing. Even having been on the team, it was difficult to believe that we were going to win a game with the start we had.  We were at a new low for our program and class, but it just showed the character of the team to be able to come back from that.  I think the key is that we just stuck together and never gave up. We worked hard in practice and it paid off because we were a different team in the second half of the year.


24-7: What is your height and weight?


Austin: 6' 1''  185


24-7: What is your best clean, squat, bench and 40?


Austin: Haven't ever maxed on clean or squat but best bench was 295 and 40 was 4.50


24-7: Who was the best player(s) you played against this season?  What made them so good?


 Austin: Matt Clapp with his combination of strength and speed, Markel Devorce who also was just a great running back with great breakaway speed, and Mekell Wesley who could just fly


24-7: What is the best advice you have ever received?


Austin: The best advice I've received is to never settle on where I'm at as a person or player. There are always things that can be improved in life and on the field.


24-7: What was the high point this year for the team what was the low point?


Austin: The high point was beating Brophy in the Semi-finals because unlike my sophomore year our stands were chanting ASU.  The low point was after the loss to Chandler because we were 0-3 and nothing looked bright.


24-7: What are your strengths as a football player?  What are your weaknesses?


Austin: I think that my strengths are my understanding of the game and my ability to break a big play at any time.  My weakness would probably be that at times I am looking for a big play instead of taking what was given.


24-7: What position do you think you will play in college?


Austin: Safety or Cornerback


24-7: Who is recruiting you?  Any trips and any offers?


Austin: Currently only South Dakota State and NAU, Trips to both. SDSU on January 14th and NAU on January 21st


24-7: What advice would you give regarding the recruiting process?


Austin: Something I wish I wouldn't have missed out on was the summer camps.  I think it is important to attend these camps and just send out as many tapes as you can.


24-7: Who are some of the players we need to keep an eye on next year at Mt.Ridge?


Austin: Josh Morrow WR, Chris Johnston QB, Josh Readel OL, Matt Pickering RB, David Campbell TE, Spencer Ast LB,


24-7: What will you be doing to improve as a player this off season as you prepare for college ball?


Austin: I'm going to set some weight room and other goals for myself this off season to reach by the end of summer.  I would like to work on all aspects of my game especially speed and quickness. I would also like to put on another 15 to 20 pounds. I want to get myself prepared to compete at the next level.


24-7football would like to thank Austin and his family for this interview.  Since doing the interview Weber State and Cornell College have come into the mix regarding the recruitment of Austin.

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