QB Leads Desert Edge Into First Varsity Season


"> QB Leads Desert Edge Into First Varsity Season



Player Spotlight: Chase Brunick

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This upcoming season the Desert Edge Scorpions will compete in their first full varsity season.  Leading them into the season will be QB Chase Brunick.  Here is our interview with Chase.


24-7: What were your varsity stats this past season?


Chase Brunick: Passing - 96Com-177Att   1487 yds  (247YDG) 13 TD's 11Int's


* All stats amassed in 6 games


24-7: Who are some of your teammates we should look for next season?


Chase Brunick: The three that stand out the most are Marcus Coleman WR, my go to guy, Roger Lathrop LT, my security blanket, and Ben Mason, FB, the team bludgeon.  Marcus was the league leading receiver he has excellent hands and a uncanny ability to get open.  Roger never gets hurt and this whole season, gave up one blindside, due to an overload blitz.  Ben is not real big (5'10 185), but he plays with a mean streak like no other.  He also has some of the softest hands on the team.  These guys are always in the weight room and so I have come to expect a great deal out of them, some how I don't think they'll disappoint.


24-7: What do you think it will be like playing a full varsity schedule next season? Who are some of the tougher teams you will face?


Chase Brunick: We as a team completed our first real season of 10 games as opposed to the seven that we had become accustomed to.  This year we realized that 10 games is quite a haul, but next season, I think we will have greater understanding of how to continue to produce in an extended season. Flagstaff and Mingus are the heir apparents for toughest teams we will face, after that, I don't know.


24-7: What is your size and weight?


Chase Brunick: 6' 5", 195- 200 Lbs.


24-7: What is your best Clean, Squat, Bench, and 40?


Chase Brunick:  Best clean - 195 X 1 rep, Best Squat - 405 X 2 rep Best Bench - 225 X 1 rep Best 40 - 4.75


24-7: Who was the best player you played against last year? What made him so good?


Chase Brunick: Zack Zolan, RB, Basha High School.  You hear of guys whose motors don't quit, but only when I saw how he runs did I develop a greater appreciation of what that meant.  His yards after first contact were unbelievable and never once did he slow down as the game wore on.  He seemed to be a blue collar back, that I think every quarterback would love to have behind him under center.


24-7: What is the best advice you have ever received?


Chase Brunick: I realized a couple of weeks ago that for me to get noticed by a big time college and also to lead my team to a lot of wins, I would have to put up Peyton Manning like numbers, which are extremely impressive.  When I realized that I stressed out, but my mom gave me unbelievably simple but logical advice: ‘make first downs.  The rest will take care of itself.'  When I asked her to explain it became clear to my job first and foremost is to lead the team down the field and convert red zone attempts into points.  Just make first downs, Thanks mom.


24-7: What was the high point this year for the team? What was the low point?


Chase Brunick: The first varsity win in school history was definitely the high point, because we earned that win and it felt like something that words fail to describe.  Once we got that monkey off our back we became more focused on winning more.  There were two low points as well.  Once we were done with our first two varsity games, then we did a stint at the J.V. level, and game number one was against a team we beat the previous year La Joya who is also a new school like us so it was like playing a varsity squad like ourselves without seniors.  We lost.  We, in every sense, gave them the game, some of our key players were benched for the first quarter or the whole game due to missing Labor Day practice.  After that we blew every J.V. team out.  After we were done with our J.V. games we finished our season with three varsity games.  The first game back in varsity play, we lost in convincing fashion.  It was then we realized that the games weren't to be taken likely.  Our low points turned out to be invaluable teaching lessons that every one got.


24-7: What are your strengths as a QB? What are your Weaknesses?


Chase Brunick: My strengths as a quarterback were thankfully picked up quickly, I've only played quarterback for two years now. Opposing coaches often comment on my good arm strength, and good running ability, so it must be some what apparent.  My head football coach  has devised offensive schemes  that rival the college level, and I understand them thoroughly.  But my best quality is that I am incomparably competitive.  I love to win and it drives me to out work those that are more physically gifted, or more experienced.  Unfortunately that leads me to my weaknesses.  I have those like all quarterbacks, moments where my coaches are left just scratching their heads, from a decision that is almost always borne out of an impatience and aggressiveness.  Next year I plan to make poise and decision making points of emphasis.  


24-7: How is basketball going? What are your stats? How does being involved in other sports help you as a football player?


Chase Brunick: Basketball has been a task thus far in the season.  We have a lot of freshmen at key positions so you never know what to expect. My coach doesn't tell specific stats but he does set quotas that either I meet or don't, so basically I average a double-double every game.  This particular basketball season I have been put in a position of leadership, but not just being called captain but being the emotional leader and ‘heart and soul of the team.'  Some nights I step up and some nights I don't, but regardless I have taken away the skills needed to do the same in football for next season, which will hopefully prove to be the difference.


24-7: Will you go to any camps this off season.


Chase Brunick: I just recently was accepted into the Nike Football camp.  So I'll be in Stanford, California in late May.  Plus I think there will be a few more camps that I might be attending


24-7: What can we expect from the Scorpions next season?


Chase Brunick: We've only played one team in our new conference, Buckeye, so far they're the only ones we have a feel for.  Some of the teams in our new conference traditionally are not prime time performers but we can't take that for granted.  The one thing playing in our favor is that we return everybody from last year and if new additions from the under classes prove to be winners, winning our conference is not an impossible thing, despite how other publications predict us faring.


24-7: What are your goals for playing football after high school?


Chase Brunick: I think every high school athlete aspires to play for an elite program, and I'm no different, but I realize that it is much harder for me being from a new school, to go to an upper echelon program.  With that said if I had no choice, I would go to a smaller school as long as it pays for a college education. I'm also not opposed to going the JuCo route, although I would prefer to be able to skip that process.



24-7 would like to thank Chase and his head coach Ryan Felker for helping us with this interview.

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