Interview With Basha QB Shane McBurney"> Interview With Basha QB Shane McBurney">

Player Spotlight: Shane McBurney

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This past season QB Shane McBurney helped the Basha Bears to a 7-2 record and an Independent Championship.  Next year Basha will compete in the 5A Central Conference.  Currently, Shane has received interest from ASU, Iowa State, Stanford, Oklahoma State and Washington.


24-7: What were your stats this past season?


Shane McBurney: 81-140(completions-attempts), 58%(completion average), threw for 1296 yards, 14 touchdowns, and 5 int.  Also ran for 330 yards with 4 touchdowns.


24-7: What was it like to be a central part of building a new program? How will Basha transition to a full 5AI schedule?


Shane McBurney: It's exciting to be part of a new program and help build the traditions of our new school.  At the same time, it has its set backs, but nothing that our team can't get through.  Moving up to 5A next year is going to be exciting, but it's going to take a lot of work to be competitive at that level of play.  The good thing is that we have a whole bunch of players that are willing to work to get where they need to be. 


24-7: What is your size and weight?


Shane McBurney: I am 6'3" and weigh 195 pounds


24-7: What is your best clean, squat, bench and 40?


Shane McBurney: My best 40 time has been a 4.7, I clean 225, squat 315, and bench 255.


24-7: Who was the best player(s) you played against this season?  What made them so good?


Shane McBurney: Jarrell Harrison of Palo Verde H.S. in Nevada.  He plays quarterback for Nevada's 5A State Championship team 14-0 and is as athletic as anyone I have played against.


24-7: What is the best advice you have ever received?


Shane McBurney: The best advice that I have ever received is something that I probably hear everyday, and that is to have fun with everything I do. That is one thing that I take into playing QB.


24-7: What was the high point this year for the team? What was the low point?


Shane McBurney: High point of the year was every game of the season, and low point was when we had to turn our equipment back in.


24-7: What are your strengths as a football player?  What are your weaknesses?


Shane McBurney: Strengths: Hard work ethic, strong-arm, knowledge level of the game, 3 sport athlete (basketball, track), lifting strength, speed, film work, throwing on the run.

Improvements: Footwork, pocket passer, awareness, quickness


24-7: Who is recruiting you?  Any early offers?


Shane McBurney: ASU/Stanford/Iowa State/Oklahoma State/Washington.  No offers yet



24-7: Who are some of the players we need to keep an eye on next year at Basha?


Shane McBurney: Dorian Smith (Center), Steven Yena (TE/LB), Zack Zolin (RB), Justin Evans (WR), Matt Hibbert (WR), Kyle Flannery (LB), Keith Taylor (T/DE), Robby Tarwater (T/DE), Josh Barkley (DT), and Tony Kraft (Safety)


24-7: What will you be doing to improve as a player this offseason? Are there any camps you will be attending?


Shane McBurney: Speed Training 3 days every week, working out, gaining weight, having a quarterback coach, and going to camps. Might be going to the Stanford Nike camp (Saturday, May 21st), ASU camp, Washington State camp.


24-7: What is it like to be the coach's son?  Is it more pressure, especially since you are the QB?


Shane McBurney: It has been the most rewarding thing for me as a player for this team. I enjoy every minute that he (Head Coach Tim McBurney) has coached me.  Of course it is pressure because I have to be the best at my position to ensure the position is mine.


24-7 would like to thank Shane for his time and we wish him the best of luck this upcoming season.

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