Player Spotlight: Jon Hargis

<STRONG>Chat with one of last season's most dominating juniors.</STRONG>

We were able to chat with one of next year's top college prospects in Red Mountain DT Jon Hargis. Jon received just about every honor imaginable last year and more good things are coming to him in the future. Here is what he had to say…


24-7: What were your stats last year?
1st Team All Arizona by the AZ Republic, 1st Team All-State by the Coach's Association and East Valley Defensive Player of the Year. (Don't forget All 24-7 Team). My stats were 97 Tackles, 5 sacks, 2 Forced Fumbles, 3 Fumble Recoveries and 1 Blocked Field Goal.


24-7: What is your official height and weight?
6-5 295.


24-7:  Do you play any other sports?
I throw the shotput and the discus for track and field.  It's not my best sport but I enjoy going out there with the team and competing.


24-7: What is your best 40, bench, squat and clean?
40-5.2, Bench-305, Squat-475, Clean-265. I am currently starting to train with Jay Schroeder from Evo-Sport who trains Adam Archuleta and many other NFL pros.  My strength, speed and agility will increase dramatically in the next 6 months with the program I am doing.


24-7: Who is currently recruiting you? Any early offers?
So far I have talked to ASU, Michigan, Notre Dame, UCLA, Oregon, Nebraska, UofA, San Diego State, Texas Tech and New Mexico. Most have invited me to their football camps.  I am planning on attending the Nike Combine Camp this year.


24-7: What are your current top 5 college choices?
ASU, Michigan, UofA, UCLA, Oregon.  Our family has been long time ASU season ticket holders and I have grown up being a huge fan of them.  My options are open at this time as I have a lot of respect for what Stoops is doing down at UofA. I would see it as a great opportunity to play at an elite school like Michigan.  Staying home and playing in front of my family would also be a great place I would want to be in.


24-7: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
My dad always told me to remember what it took to get where I am today and do those same things so I can get where I want to be tomorrow.  I work very hard to become a better player and I have to continue working harder to be able to play at the higher levels.


24-7: Who is the best player you have ever played against? Why?
Dusty Jones by far from Mountain View.  He is an awesome player.  He fires off the ball very hard and low and is very strong.  We've met a few times and both have plenty of respect for one another's game.  It really is a shame that he's not getting the attention from colleges that he really deserves. 


24-7: What are your goals regarding playing football in college?
I want to play at a great D-1 program.  To play on a team that has a great tradition of winning and a school that will help me academically is definitely something I am looking for.  I really want to play at a school where they are known for developing players to their greatest potential and for putting guys in the pros.


24-7: What do you enjoy most about playing football? Why?
I really thrive off the crowd and my teammates going crazy when our defense makes a great play.  It's really rewarding after winning the game knowing that it took months of hard work to accomplish that goal.


24-7: Who was your favorite athlete growing up? Why?
Probably Reggie White.  He was one of the greatest NFL players of all time and off the field he was also a very respected individual.  Anybody that knows me knows that I have the most respect for the people I compete against and I'm the first guy to help somebody up when they fall down.  I never talk trash on the field...I let my game speak for itself and that was definitely something that Reggie White did.


24-7: Who are some other Red Mountain players we should watch out for?
The first few that come to mind are Kevin Daly, Nick Orr and Eric Uhl.  Eric and Kevin were both 2nd Team-All East Valley players as juniors.  Kevin is always in the backfield making plays and getting pressure on the QB.  Nick played almost half of the season at QB when our starting QB got injured.  He is a great athlete with good speed.  He stepped in and the offense never missed a beat.  Eric is a great center and was the anchor of our offensive line this last year.  He is one of the strongest kids on the team and one of the hardest workers in the weight room.  We have a lot of kids that are coming up to the varsity level and we expect all of the kids to work hard in the off-season to get ready for next season.


24-7: What can you bring to a D1 football program?
I am an extremely hard worker and will do whatever it takes to make sure I get my job done on the field.  I have a very positive attitude and really am a great team-mate to have on and off the field. 


24-7: What are your strengths as a player? Weaknesses?
My strengths are that I work extremely hard in the weight room and in my training program that I am doing.  I am quick and get off the ball very well and am very agile down the line.  I study my opponents real well to learn their tendencies so I know what to expect during the game.  I play with a lot of emotion and am a very competitive player which brings me to my weakness.  Sometimes I get too "caught up" in the games and it takes me off my original game plan that I had.


The staff at 24-7 would like to thank Jon for his time and wish him luck in the up-coming season. Any questions regarding Jon you can refer to and I can get you in contact with him.

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