Player Spotlight: Cody Engelbrecht

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It is tough to fill the shoes of a D1 RB and that is exactly what Hamilton RB Cody Engelbrecht had to do. He had a lot of expectations and managed to fill the shoes of Colorado St RB Tramell McGill nicely. Coming fresh off a state championship, here is what Cody had to say…


24-7: What were your stats last year?

Cody: 174 rushes for 1,299 yards and 15 TDs, 15 catches for 214 yards and 3 TDs.

24-7: What was it like winning the state championship?

Cody: Being hurt was hard to deal with, knowing I was not going to be able to help the team as much as I would have liked. As awesome as it was to win and see all those seniors get to hold that trophy it was more of an eye opener,
almost like we have to get here again.

24-7: Who is currently recruiting you? Any early offers?

Cody: I have received letters from ASU and U of A. I am also being recruited by New Mexico State and UCLA. No offers.

24-7: What is your official height and weight?

Cody: I'm 5'11 185.


24-7: What is your best bench, squat and 40?

Cody: Bench: 270, Squat 385 and 40 was a 4.6.

24-7: What are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?

Cody: My strengths are my footwork, mindset and effort. Weakness is not picking a shoulder and attacking at the end of a run.

24-7: How would Coach Wrenn describe you as a player?

Cody: Coach would describe me as someone who likes to have fun but knows what's on the line.

24-7: How would you describe Coach Wrenn?

Cody: I would describe coach Wrenn as the best. He has been to the big game for three out of the last four, won two in a row and is working with a new program. He's not the biggest motivator but he knows the game and teaches it well.

24-7: What would your top 5 school choices be right now?

Cody: If I could go anywhere right now it would be San Jose St., Cal, UCLA, Fresno St. and ASU. Being from California and having family there it's where I would want to spend my college career.

24-7: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Cody: The best advice is size is an excuse not a weakness, what you lack in size you can make up with heart and effort.

24-7: Who is the best player you have ever faced?

Cody: I would have to say Jermaine Williams I don't think I broke one of his tackles. Jake Taylor's (Corona LB) the most underrated player. He just always keeps hustling and will be in your face after every play.

24-7: What can we expect from Hamilton next year?

Cody: The team this year will be like last year, a bunch of players trying to prove their worthy of filling in for those seniors who have left.

24-7: Who are some Hamilton players we should watch out for?

Cody: Gerald Munns (LB) and Clarke Lamb (DB) the anchors of our defense. Dontay Mach (DE) the speed rusher. Collin Parker's a great safety. Zak Hanneman and Kerry Taylor both have great speed at wide out. Andy Workman (DB) and Matt Sanford will also get their names called a few times.

24-7: What can you bring to a D1 program?

Cody: Unselfishness, I would play kicker if they asked me as long as I am on the field.

24-7: How are you preparing for next season?

Cody: I'm working out with Mike Carr at Keith Poole's Training Zone, trying to get stronger and put on some weight. I'm also going to start speed training with Keith Poole


24-7 would like to thank Cody for his time. Anyone wishing to contact Cody, may email

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