Interview With Mt.Ridge WR"> Interview With Mt.Ridge WR">

Player Spotlight: Josh Morrow

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With the graduation of Austin Martin and Nick Bell, much of the offensive load at Mt. Ridge will fall to wide receiver Josh Morrow.  At 6'4 and possessing great athleticism Josh has already attracted the attention of Colorado State, Northwestern, Georgia Tech, Oregon and UCLA.


24-7:What were your stats this past season?


Josh Morrow: 544 yds. On 27 receptions for an average of 20 yards per reception and 7 TDs.


24-7:Do you play any other sports?


Josh Morrow: Basketball (2nd. Team All-Region), Track (2 time region champion High Jump 6'8")


24-7:What is your size and weight?


Josh Morrow: 6'4" 190 lbs.


24-7:What is your best clean, squat, bench and 40?


Josh Morrow: 235lb clean, 275lb squat, 225lb bench, 4.57 forty.


24-7:Who was the best player you played against this season?  What made him so good?


Josh Morrow: Andrew Leahy of P.V.  He really was good at pass coverage.  I had a hard time getting open on him.


24-7:What is the best advice you have ever received?


Josh Morrow: Don't take any plays off!


24-7:What was the high point this year for the team what was the low point?


Josh Morrow: The high point was beating Brophy to go to ASU to play in the state championship game. Low point, starting the season 1-4.


24-7:How did going through the rough start of last season help you for this upcoming season?


Josh Morrow:It taught us that we have to play as a team and do all the ‘little' things right.


24-7:What did the run to the state championship do to help you for this upcoming season?


Josh Morrow: Made me realize how much fun it is to play on the ‘big field' at ASU.  It will make everyone work harder over the summer and this coming season.


24-7:What are your strengths as a football player?  What are your weaknesses?


Josh Morrow: Strengths: Height, vertical jump and overall athletic ability.  My Weakness is agility. 


24-7:Who is recruiting you?  Any early offers?


Josh Morrow: I have heard from Oregon and UCLA (also for track).  No offers yet.

(since the interview Josh has been contacted by Colorado State, Northwestern, UCLA and Georgia Tech)


24-7:Who are some of the players we need to keep an eye on next year at Mt.Ridge?


Josh Morrow: Tony Paul (transfer from Deer Valley), Chris Johnston QB/DB, David Campbell TE/DL, Matt Pickering FB, Josh Riedel OL and Spencer Ast OL/LB.


24-7:What will you be doing to improve as a player this off-season? Are there any camps you will be attending?


Josh Morrow:I will be lifting a lot to improve my upper body strength.  Also, I will be working on my agility, 40 yd. time and vertical.  I will be going to the Nike camp at USC.



24-7 would like to thank Josh and his family along with coach Steve Belles for getting this interview together.

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