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Player Spotlight: Ricky Moore

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As we covered Chandler this year, each game we were more and more impressed with Ricky Moore.  Ricky shared the field with Reno Blomquist, Isaiah Jackson and JA Graves and yet still managed to get in on 142 tackles.  Going into next season Moore should be one of the top LBs in Arizona


24-7Football: What were your stats this past season?


Ricky Moore:  In the regular season I had 122 tackles.  In my playoff game against Mt.View I had 20.  So my season total was 142.  I had three or four sacks and some fumble recoveries.


24-7football: What is your size and weight?


Ricky Moore: I'm about 195 and 5'11


24-7Football: What is your best clean, squat, bench and 40?


Ricky Moore: 255 clean, 340 squat, 245 bench my forty is 4.6 flat.


24-7Football: Who was the best player(s) you played against this past season?  What made them so good?


Ricky Moore: Cody Engelbrecht, He never takes a play off.


24-7Football: What is the best advice you have ever received?


Ricky Moore: Go hard every play.


24-7Football: What was the high point this year for the team? What was the low point?


Ricky Moore: Our defense.  Our defense had hitters like LJ Thompson, JA Graves, and Reno Blomquist.  Every game that we played the other team always told us we really hit.  The low point was the Hamilton game.  We did not play to our standards.


24-7Football: How will Chandler build on last year's success?


Ricky Moore:  We can't stop working.  We are going to camps and getting ready for passing leagues.  I'm working out with the track team and working out for football.


24-7Football: What are your strengths as a football player?  What are your weaknesses?


Ricky Moore:  I hit.  I like to hit.  Every play I like to hit.  I need to learn more football.  I've only started playing my freshman year.  I need to learn more fundamentals.  I need to learn not just my position but also all positions.


24-7Football: Who is recruiting you?  Any early offers?


Ricky Moore: I have received letters from UofA and Oregon.  I have not gotten any offers yet.


24-7Football: Who are some of the players we need to keep an eye on next year at Chandler?


Ricky Moore: Anton Bernard and Justin Sims and our wide receiver Jim Burnette, he is definitely underrated. Our quarterback Kyle Hess is pretty good.  Jake Samia and Sean Humphrey from the D-line are back.  Sean is 6'3 235 and benching over 300lbs.  He is a beast!


24-7Football:  What will you are doing to improve as a player this off season? Are there any camps you will be attending?


Ricky Moore:  We are going all over the place as a team.  A lot of 7on7!  We bonded last year going to all the 7on7s.


24-7Football: Do you play other sports? What are some of your stats from those sports?


Ricky Moore:  I play basketball.  I start at small forward.  I work out with the track team to keep my speed up but I'm not competing this year.   


24-7Football: How does playing other sports help you as a football player?


Ricky Moore: Basketball really helps me with my foot work.


24-7Football: Do you plan on playing football in college?


Ricky Moore: Oh yea, I plan on playing in the NFL.


24-7Football: How would Coach Ewan describe you as a player?


Ricky Moore: A hard nosed football player.  After the Mt.Ridge game, when I tackled with my helmet off, he told me I was crazy.


24-7Football: Who is your favorite professional athlete?  Why are they your favorite?


Ricky Moore: Ray Lewis.  Most definitely.  He likes to hit he is a leader on the field.  He is always into the game. 



24-7 would like to thank Ricky and his family, along with Coach Ewan and Reno Blomquist for helping us set up this interview.

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