Player Spotlight: Deyon Bowser

<STRONG>Interview with Maryvale DB</STRONG>

Safety Deyon Bowser from Maryvale HS will team with his cousin Brantwon to form one of the better defensive backfields in all of 5A. With a successful season look for Deyon to catch the eyes of recruiters.


24-7: What were your stats from last season?

Deyon: 43 tackles, 2 fumble recoveries one for an 84 yard return for a touchdown.

24-7: What is your official height and weight?

Deyon: 6'1 183.

24-7: What is your greatest football memory? 

Deyon: Making the playoffs.

24-7: What are your goals for the upcoming season?  

Deyon: Have more than 7 sacks at least 5 interceptions and play a little receiver.

24-7: How are you preparing for the upcoming season? Will you attend any camps this summer? 

Deyon: I'm eating more than ever tying to put on at least 20 lbs and work out all summer.

24-7: What aspect of your game have you really worked hard to improve? What area would you like to keep improving on? 

Deyon: My footwork and my hips. I would like to improve on my hip flexibility.

24-7: Who are some of your teammates that people need to watch out for?

Deyon: Demetrius Stewart, Noah Burks, Henry Castro, Juan Cruz and Robert Allen.  There are some lower classmen to watch for also, Eric Williams and Michael Davis.

24-7: Name one teammate you really respect and why? 

Deyon: Brantwon Bowser because he's not only my cousin but we been through it all from thick through he keeps me going everyday he is like a little brother to me.  Jermaine also he keeps me and Brantwon focused, we see Jermaine as a brother to us.

24-7: What are your goals regarding playing football in college? 

Deyon: I want to have the best time ever and fight for a starting position.

24-7: Who is currently recruiting you? Do you have any offers yet? 

Deyon: I have people looking at me no offers yet.

24-7: Would you consider staying in state to play in college?

Deyon: Yes.

24-7: What would your top 5 college choices be?

Deyon: ASU, UofA, Michigan, Oregon and UCLA. 

24-7: Who is the best player you ever played against? Why? 

Deyon: Austin Martin (QB from Mt Ridge who signed with NAU) he played both ways and the guy had speed.

24-7: Name one opponent who you really respect and why?

Deyon: Blaise Johnson (QB from Corona who signed with Stanford) he moved around to help out his team and he's really competitive on the field.

24-7: What other sports do you play? 

Deyon: Basketball and Track.

24-7: What are your best lifts in the bench, squat, power clean and 40?

Deyon: Bench- 255, squat- 400, clean- 250, 40- 4.42.

24-7: How do you think your coach would describe you as a player? 

Deyon: I have a lot of intensity and he knows that he can count on me to get anything done.

24-7: Who is your favorite athlete and why? 

Deyon: Ray Lewis he has mad intensity and he physical and never gives up.

24-7: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? 

Deyon: If you stay committed to what you believe in then you will be successful, never let anyone tell you, "you can't".

24-7: Tell us what can we expect from your team this season? 

Deyon: Our team will go farther than the first and just look for a classic Maryvale football team.

24-7: What position do you think you will play in college?

Deyon: Safety.

24-7: What can a college program expect from you as a player? 

Deyon: As far as a player they will receive a player that has a hard work ethic and just giving them the best of me while I'm attending that certain college.


The staff at 24-7 would like to thank Deyon for his time. Anyone wishing to contact Deyon may email

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