Interview With Chandler DE"> Interview With Chandler DE">

Player Spotlight: Sean Humphrey

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Last year defensive end Sean Humphrey was part of the stingy, hard hitting, Chandler D that gave up less than 10 points a game. Humphrey hopes to repeat last year's defensive success and get the Wolves back to the playoffs.


24-7: What were your stats this past season?

Sean Humphrey: 55 tackles, 7 sacks, 2 INTs, one for a TD and a few fumble recoveries.


24-7: What is your size and weight?

Sean: 6'3 240


24-7: What is your best clean, squat, bench and 40?

Sean: Bench 300, clean 245, squat 400,  4.9 40


24-7: Who was the best player(s) you played against this past season?  What made them so good?

Sean: Ryan Tonnemacher, because of his size and strength.


24-7: What was the high point this year for the team? What was the low point?

Sean: The high point of our season was being 8-0, the low point of our season was losing to Mt. View in the first round of the playoffs in a game that we should of won.


24-7: Chandler had a great run to start the season. How will you guys build on that to get back to playoffs this year?

Sean: We are working even harder than last year, and are trying to improve our weaknesses by going to camps and trying to get as many reps as we can, so we can get past the first round of the playoffs.


24-7: Will you guys be as solid on defense as you were last year?  How will you keep that intensity?

Sean: We lost the core of our defense, but we will still be a solid hard hitting defense.


24-7: What are your strengths as a football player?  What are your weaknesses?

Sean: My strengths are my ability to get to the ball and make a play, my weaknesses are doing the basic fundamentals of the game, which I am working on and should be no problem fixing.


24-7: Who is recruiting you?  Any early offers?

Sean: I have received some letters from Houston, Oregon, Nebraska, and Northern Colorado, but I have not gotten any offers.


24-7: Who are some of the players we need to keep an eye on next year at Chandler?

Sean: Ricky Moore is going to be one of the top linebackers in the state, Justin Sims, Anton Bernard, and Tony Pawlak, are some other players that should have a big season next year.


24-7: What will you be doing to improve as a player this off season? Are there any camps you will be attending?

Sean: I will be lifting weights and trying to get faster and gain weight. Our team is having a camp, which I go to and I will try to attend a couple college camps too.


24-7: Do you plan on playing football in college?

Sean: Yes, I would love to play college ball.


24-7: How would Coach Ewan describe you as a player?

Sean: Hard working.


24-7: Who is your favorite professional athlete?  Why are they your favorite?

Sean: Ray Lewis, because of how much energy he brings to the field.


24-7 would like to thank Sean and his family along with the Chandler staff for helping us set up this interview. Anyone wishing to contact Sean may email

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