Harper Kamp: From Post to Wing in 4 Months?

<b>From the Houston Kingwood Classic</b>...Kamp has coaches talking, "a MM 5-4 man or a HM 4-3 man. His transition from the top post in Arizona to a top wing on the west will be the answer...Can Kamp turn himself into a baseline to baseline type player?

Harper Kamp, 6-7 SO Post, Mesa (Ariz.) Mountain View

The Arizona 5A Player of the Year in 2005, Kamp has shown the state he is the dominant player inside the paint regardless of class. He now has to show the hundreds of college coaches who will evaluate him over the next 4 months he has the ability to play 15-17ft. from the basket to be considered a "High-Major" prospect.

A big bodied, strong athletic 5 man at Mountain View, Kamp will have to play facing the basket at the HM-MM+ level.  Will he grow another 2-3 inches over the next 2 years?  It's possible, but his body type indicates he has slowed down.

Conversations with coaches at the Kingwood Classic brought many responses, with the general theme being, "Kamp is a top prospect in the West in 2007, but whether he goes to the West Coast Conference (Mid-Major to low High-Major)) or a higher echelon Pac Ten (High Major) depends on his transition from post, to a 4-3 that can create his own shots, handle the ball in traffic and defend a wing." Many HM's are looking at him right now, but their ideal prospect would be to reduce his weight, increase his lateral quick's and improved handle. His strength is a big bonus and the weight loss shouldn't hinder that in anyway.

Guarding a wing in the ACC would be difficult at best, and battling inside the paint would be tough on a 6-7 post.

Kamp has tremendous court vision and can threat a needle with the best. He plays harder than most and has a knack for finding the ball in traffic. A soft touch for a post and being a southpaw helps in the grand scheme of things at the next level.  If Kamp can turn into a baseline to baseline type player the HM's will come.

Kamp has 4 months in this years evaluation period to show he belongs at the HM level, and his performance in July is the key. Although only a class of 2007, the HM's are watching closely.  Develop into a 4-3 and he could write his ticket. Stay inside the paint and the WCC -lower level Pac Ten will be the future.

We will have updates on Kamp's performance this weekend at the LV Spring Extravaganza.

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