The Cager Report

The Cager Report, a college recruiting source on Arizona High School and Junior College players will now be published on starting this week...

The Cager Report will now be published on starting this weekend.  The CR has been published for the last 4 years and sent to College Coaches around the country at all levels.  A condensed version will be published right here on  Our PREMIUM BASKETBALL FORUMwill also be a source for the Cager Report.  You will need a PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION to view all reports.

All level players will be evaluated and profiled. 

Below are the terms and philosophy we have used over the years and have found it is the best for college coaches to use and understand.

Coming Thursday, a list of Arizona players traveling to the Pangos All West Camp July 11-13 and complete evaluations will be published on all players.  As well as those attending the Pumps All West Camp as well during the same time period in July.

Individual Player Profiles/Evaluations will be published starting this week.

The Cager Report will provide "true evaluations" and not hype a player.  College Coaches will be visiting daily to see the latest report.

Below are the terms and categories for the Cager Report:

Recruiting Categories:
(High Major)
HM-MM (High to Mid Major)
MM (Mid Major)
MM-LM (Mid-Low Major)
LM (Low Major)

RPI Ratings are used to determine the HM-LM levels for colleges:
There are 32 DI leagues in Men's Basketball... 300 plus teams in the RPI... So I break it down in thirds, Top 10, 2nd 10, etc.

Over the past 4 years in the West its been pretty consistent as follows:
#1 Pac 10 - High Major -
#2 Mountain West - High Major - Mid Major
WAC - Low High Major to Mid Major
#4 WCC - Mid Major
#5 Big West - Mid Major to Low Major
#6 Big Sky - Low Major

Pac 10 & Mtn West are legit HMs...

The WAC is a low HM... the WCC is a good MM league w/ one top 25 team (Gonzaga)...

The top teams in the Big West (Utah State, UCSB & UCI) can play with anyone in the WCC...

The 2nd division of the WAC, WCC & Big West are all competitive with each other as MM...

The top team in the Big Sky is certainly a good MM caliber team every year,but its usually just one team...

So here's the deal...
To get someone to be recruited or looked at by a WCC or Big West,and unfortunately even a Big Sky program, a player must have a MM ranking...

We used the "LM-MM" grade for someone like Ryan McCurdy (Signed at NAU)... LM guy with MM upside in time...

The lack of (in the west) bigs or talls in McCurdy's case warrants the extra look from schools...

Most coaches mistake skinny for soft, and its
not always the case...

Another thing we use is the term "follow" vs "prospect"...Its pretty subtle, but a MM follow is not as strong as a MM prospect...The prospect is a definite, finished opinion... The follow is used formyounger kids, or players we are not sure of...

It really comes down to "can play" or "can't play"... Either you like a player or you don't...All the grading breakdowns are really overrated.

Rankings are vastly overrated. We usually tell coaches if they like #6 on our list. They should also look at #5, #7. #8.#9.

The DII, DIII's and NAIA schools rely big-time on recruiting services, internet websites and credible sources.

DII - DIII - NAIA coaches recruit the same level players. Ones that get missed, or late developers hoping to snag a great one.

First priority in my opinion are DI transfers. (For top DII and NAIA programs).

Anyway, DII and NAIA schools look at "Low Major" first. Then work their way down. DIII look at Low Major with exceptional grades and work their way down. Plus all 3 rely big time on contacts to help their recruiting because of lack of budget etc...

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