Cager Report #3 - FCP All West Camp

If you want to compete at a high level and get recruited, you have to learn to excel in these settings (all star camps). The DI players excel, they don't make excuses. It may take a while but the opportunity to play in front of 50-100 DI coaches in these kind of venues is how the game works. Some impressive performances in day #1: Brock Entner- Shawn Deadwiler- Kevin Hassett- Jeff Battle-

The Cager Report #3

The Full Court Press All West camp kicked off yesterday in front of a swarm of College Coaches from across the west coast. A total of 33 Arizona prospects are in Los Angeles participating with hopes of getting discovered, increase their stock and prove they can compete on a National level.

The FCP Camp has a number of the top players in the country attending.

We will hold back our detailed evaluation on each AZ prospect until we get a chance to evaluate them after day #2.

Arizona Player List: (no particular order)

1. Daniel Thomas 6-0 SR. Fountain Hills
Had solid first day. Size and strength are allowing Thomas to compete at this level. Interesting prospect and the camp will be an important venue to see if he can play at the LM level. We have DT as a DII prospect heading into camp.

2. Joe Middleton 6-6 Sr. Camelback
Did not see play.

3. Justin McCullough 6-6 Jr. Sunrise Mountain
Did not see play.

4. Chase Adams 6-2 So. Ironwood Ridge
Did not see play.

5. Ricky Berry 6-4 Sr. Paradise Valley
Had a good first day. Size and strength has increased! Had a DII going in, but is quickly changing to a LM follow/prospect. Has opportunity to really help his stock this week.

6. Shawn Howerton 6-7 Sr. Washington
Did not see play

7. DJ Nicholas 6-7 Sr. Glendale
Did not see play

8. Seth Richins 6-7 Sr. Gilbert
Did not see play.Shawn Deadwiler

9. Shawn Deadwiler 6-3 Sr. South Mountain
We have him as a LM follow right now. Could change after this week. A lot of hype over last few weeks. Now is the time to show the DI crew he belongs!

10. Nick Ghiz 6-2 Jr. Marcos de Niza
Did not see play.

11. Skylar Versage 6-3 Jr. Mountain Ridge
Did not see play

12. Taylor Rohde 6-8 So. Pinnacle
Strength holding back from becoming a legit MM prospect. Young and only a soph, these camps very important for Rohde to see what it takes. Will have detailed evaluation later.

13. Brian Hampton 5-8 Sr. Hamilton
Did not see play

14. Jim Casey 6-4 Sr. Horizon
Did not see play

15. Innocent Wells 5-11 Sr. Hamilton
Did not see play

16. Jayson Shreve 6-5 So. Mountain Ridge
Did not see play

17. Kevin Hassett 6-7 Sr. Desert Mountain
Interesting prospect. Needs upper body strength. Had good showing in debut yesterday. Will have more on this LM follow later.

18. Justin Dixon 6-4 Jr. Hamilton
Did not see play

19. Donte Medder 5-10 Fr. South Mountain
Recent hype on this youngster puts target square on his back. Lanky, long arm guard. The freshman will see this week what is takes to compete at this level. More on this incoming freshman later.

20. Demetrius Crowell 6-6 Jr. MesaDemetrius Crowell
Upper body strength a key in his development. We have him a LM follow. Will the strength, comes his conversion into a LM prospect/MM follow

21. Barrett Brown 5-9 Jr. Mountain Pointe
Did not see play

22. Kevin Jamsa 6-0 So. Sunrise Mountain
Will have more later.

23. Nick Witherall 6-3 So. Saguaro
Very interesting prospect. Showed glimpses of a definite recruitable athlete in the future.. Needs strength!!! Nice mid-range game. Needs to up his intensity in this type setting. Will have more detailed evaluation later, but had a solid showing in day #1.

24. Mike Harty 6-3 Sr. Seton
Strong wing. Athleticism, quicks hold him back. After day #1 shock today should show more.

25. Jeff Battle 6-3 Sr. South MountainJeff Battle
We've been on the Battle band wagon from day 1. Needs to increase intensity for complete game. Has athleticism. As a 06 senior, now is the time to shine.

26. Matt Rosinski 6-2 Sr. Ironwood
Did not see play

27. Brock Entner 5-10 Sr. Pinnacle
Entner caught our eye last spring (along with super scout Dave Telep). Outside J is suspect and holding him back. Has great PG skills, but needs to consistently knock down the open J in these type settings.. A LM follow. Added jump shot with accuracy elevates Entner to a MM follow category

28. JJ Palmer 6-5 Sr. Desert Christian
Did not see play

29. Tyler Gage 6-2 So. Salpointe
Did not see play

30. Wil Jobe 6-6 So. Salpointe
6-6? More later on the big fella.

31. Trent Anderson 6-6 Jr. Ironwood Ridge
Anderson is generally considered a top 5 Arizona prospect in the 2007 class. This wing can solidify his standing with a good show this week. Aggressiveness a key. More later.

32. Phil Benson 6-8 Sr. Horizon
Benson can do wonders this week for his recruitment. After day #1 his legs/feet showed signs of pain. Will have more later.

33. Shannon Doctor 6-3 Sr. Buena
Did not see play


There is the roster for Arizona prospects. Detailed evaluations and updates coming later today, Wednesday and Thursday.

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