Cager Report #4 - FCP All West Camp Day #2

Day #2 is complete and a number of AZ prospects finished the session strong. Included in #4 are the top performers of the day and tidbits from Los Angeles.

The Cager Report #4

The Full Court Press All West camp is providing an unbelievable experience for every Arizona athlete in attendance. Players are given the chance to compete in front of a gym full of college coaches and scouting services, against some of the best competition in the west. Any potential DI athlete back home in AZ is missing a HUGE opportunity. Is it a risk? You bet, but if you can't show what you got over this 3 day camp, you probably are not at the level you think you are…

A number of players came back strong in day #2 and with a repeat performance Wednesday, will raise their stock at the FCP All West Camp!

Here is a ranking of the top performances Tuesday…

Top Performers Day #2

1. Demetrius Crowell 6-6 Jr. Mesa
Came back today and played like he had a purpose. We have never seen the D-Train play with this intensity for a long period. With continued development and strength, Crowell will see his recruitment skyrocket over the next year and a half.

2. Shawn Deadwiler 6-3 Sr. South Mountain
The term "interesting" has been following Deadwiler around the last 2 days. We know first hand a WCC school is "watching closely" and with a continued solid performance, and continued strength/skill development could see his recruitment come much earlier than later.

3. Taylor Rohde 6-8 So. Pinnacle
Strength/experience holding him back, but you can see he has the "potential". Needs massive upper body overhaul. Confidence needs build-up to compete effectively at this level. A "one to watch".  And coaches are watching...

4. Kevin Hassett 6-7 Sr. Desert Mountain
Hassett has never played better. Aggressive, confident and is shooting the ball. Really has helped himself, especially among the Ivy's in attendance. This lanky wing needs 15lbs up top. Solid wing who can stroke it…

5. Nick Witherall 6-3 So. Saguaro
Witherall played very well today. Came out confident and showed it on the court. The mid-range player is almost non-existent today, and Witherall could make a great package for a MM with continued development and solid mid-range game.

The next 5:

Phil Benson 6-8 Sr. Horizon
Benson played better today. Size and strength make him a must follow for the LM's. More Wednesday but this week is helping him. Foot speed and ability to finish are the ?

Brock Entner 5-10 Sr. Pinnacle
Entner put on another solid PG performance. A solid outside J helps him bigtime.

Ricky Berry 6-4 Sr. Paradise Valley
Had another solid day. PLAYS HARD every play. Could catch the eye of a LM.

Matt Rosinski 6-2 Sr. Ironwood
Had a solid day. Can stroke it from 3 and has the intensity it takes to play at the next level. Size hurts, but could earn his way with his consistent performance. More to come…

Jeff Battle 6-2 Sr. South Mountain
Played harder today. Battle is no PG, and needs to run the wing where he is best in transition. Shows signs of a LM prospect. Consistent performance over a long period is his key.


Tidbits from Los Angeles:

  • David Grace is busy coaching a number of teams and working the coaches.
  • Donte Medder, the 5-10 Fr. from South Mountain has a target on his jersey and it truly is not fair for the kid. Recent hype on this youngster puts unnecessary pressure that he cannot possibly live up to. After seeing him the last 2 days, we will not rate him, hype him or join in on the exposure. He will learn this week what he needs to do, and hopefully can sneak up on people over the next few years.
  • Wil Jobe, the 6-5 So. From Salpointe is an interesting player. He has towered over his peers over the last few years but his body type shows no signs of future growth. He has above average ball skills for his size and knows how to play. With a slimmed down physic, Jobe will be a force down south over the next 3 years.
  • DoublePump West Coast Camp #2 is going on during this same time period but has nowhere near the competition. All the athletes are here at Full Court Press.
  • Mike O'Guinn was in the house as well supporting his SW Rebels...
  • The Cream of the Crop Challenge begins this Thursday and we will bring you updates throughout the week.

Look for the Cager Report #5 tomorrow…


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