Cager Report #5-FCP All Star Games

Matt Rosinski (pictured), 6-2 Sr. Ironwood, had the best showing of any AZ reps in the Top 60 FCP All Star game. No AZ reps in Top 30, but plenty in the Top 90. The CR #5 briefs you on the players...

Cager Report #5

The FCP All West All Star games concluded today with a number of Arizona representatives. Here is a brief rundown on who played and who shined in front of 100+ college coaches.

We will have a more extensive report on the FCP this weekend, and begin our Cream of the Crop Challenge coverage tomorrow.

The FCP All West Top 90 All Star Game:

  • Trent Anderson. 6-6 Jr. Ironwood Ridge
    Played solid.
  • Demetrius Crowell 6-6 Jr. Mesa
    The D-Train has come into his own over the last 3 days. Had the best showing of any AZ player in the Top 90.
  • Seth Richins 6-7 Sr. Gilbert
    Played hard. Had a quality game
  • Innocent Wells 5-11 Sr. Hamilton
    IW played well. Including 2 bombs and an athletic And 1 over 2 6-8 monsters
  • Ricky Berry 6-4 Sr. Paradise Valley
    Had solid camp and again played well in Top 90.

    Nicholas and Berry
    Nicholas and Berry

  • DJ Nicholas 6-5 Sr. Glendale
  • Justin McCullough 6-6 Jr. Sunrise Mountain
    Wow! This kids came out of nowhere! More on JM this weekend.
  • JJ Palmer 6-5 Sr. Desert Christian
    Palmer plays hard inside the paint and again battled bigger/stronger players

FCP Top 60

  • Matt Rosinski 6-2 Sr. Ironwood
    Ros had the best showing in the Top 60 of any other Desert Rep. Plays hard, gets involved in every play and showed his athleticism on some breakaways. Rosinski had the coaches flipping through their programs.
  • Jeff Battle 6-3 Sr. South Mountain
    Battle played solid including some athletic plays only Battle can do. More on him this weekend.
  • Shawn Deadwiler Sr. 6-3 South Mountain
    Deadwiler plays hard, but fatigue looked to be setting in.
  • Phil Benson 6-8 Sr. Horizon

    Phil Benson
    Phil Benson

    Benson had the LM-MM DI's watching. He bangs. I think still one to watch over the next 2 weeks.

Notable Arizona Players Missing:

  • Kevin Hassett 6-7 Sr. Desert Mountain
    Hassett played well all week and was more deserving than a number of California reps.
  • Brock Entner 5-9 Sr. Pinnacle
    Another disappointment he was not selected.
  • Nick Witherill 6-3 So. Saguaro
    Nick deserved to be selected on the Top 90. Played well all week and as a soph should have been rewarded.

Cream of the Crop:

Coverage start tomorrow.

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