Hidden Gem: Adam Beauchamp

Chat with Bradshaw Mountain two way star

Sinagua HS really took a major blow when two way star Adam Beauchamp transferred to Bradshaw Mountain. The FB/LB's parents moved recently and now he takes his game to the new Wells Fargo #2 Region. Here is what he had to say…


24-7Football.com: What were your stats last year?

Adam Beauchamp: On the offensive side of the ball I rushed for 1018 yards on 137 carries (7.4 yards/carry). On the defensive side of the ball I accumulated 126 tackles.

24-7: What is your official height and weight?

Adam: 230lbs and 6'0".

24-7: What is your greatest football memory?

Adam: My sophomore year I scored my first varsity touchdown vs. Flag High in the second game of the season.

24-7: What are your goals for the upcoming season?

Adam: My goal is to always improve and to help my teammates improve. In general, I would like to have a better season and improve my stats.

24-7: How are you preparing for the upcoming season?

Adam: I prepare just like any other athlete. I work my butt off in the weight room and then condition after every workout.  I do a lot of footwork and speed training.  The way I look at things is hell week is not when you get in shape it's when you prove you already are.

24-7: What camps did you attend this summer?

Adam: I have already attended the UofA recruiting camp and the Colorado State camp July 24-25.

24-7: What aspect of your game have you worked hard to improve? What aspect will you keep trying to improve?

Adam: The aspect I've really worked on is my vision and awareness on the field. The aspect I will always keep working on is my speed and acceleration. You can never be fast enough whether flying to the football or bursting through the line, you can always use more speed.

24-7: Name some teammates people should watch out for.

Adam: At my previous school (Sinagua) people should really look out for Peyton Mao. At Bradshaw Anthony Tate is the man you need to keep your eye on.

24-7: What is your goal regarding playing football in college?

Adam: My goal is just to make it to college football. I know I can play at the college level I just need somebody to give me a chance. Once there I plan to earn a starting spot by my sophomore year.

24-7: Who is currently recruiting you? Any offers?

Adam: I'm not real heavily recruited. I have no offers. I get letters from everywhere but those don't mean a whole lot. UofA, Colorado State, ASU, U of Oregon, UNR, UNLV, UTEP and Utah.

24-7: Would you consider staying in state?

Adam: Absolutely. UofA and ASU are both up and coming schools in the Pac-10 and the nation for that matter.

24-7: What would your top 5 college choices be?

Adam: UofA, ASU, Nevada, UNLV and Colorado State. I really just want to go anywhere that will give me a scholarship to play ball.

24-7: What other sports do you play?

Adam: I've lettered in track and field, soccer and baseball. I played basketball my freshmen year and I'm considering playing this year.

24-7: What are your best lifts in the bench, squat, clean and 40?

Adam: My best bench is 290, squat is 475, power clean is 275 and 40 is 4.61.

24-7: How would your coach describe you as a player?

Adam: I'm really not sure what he/they would say. Coach Moran of Sinagua would always use me as an example, stating how I never took off a play and went all out every play. Coach Apap would probably say I am a leader.

24-7: Who is your favorite athlete and why?

Adam: Walter Payton. He has to be the hardest working football player in history. His workouts were said to rival that of the marines and the navy seals. He made a comment that basically stated the game is the easy part.

24-7: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Adam: It might sound weird but the best advice I ever received came from an old man whom I've never met before. We had just lost a game and I wasn't too happy with the outcome. He walks up to me and says good game. I look give a half smile and keep walking. He then tells me to just be happy. Not happy with the outcome but happy.  Now every time that ball snaps I get the biggest grin on my face because I know I'm playing the greatest game on earth.

24-7: What can we expect from Bradshaw this year?

Adam: You can expect a powerhouse in 4A division 2. We have a strong defensive core that will take care of the run and a good set of DBs led by Anthony Tate to stop the pass. Region champs and a good run in the playoffs.

24-7: What is the main difference in football in Flagstaff and in the valley?

Adam: We don't get as many water breaks.  The main difference is that we don't get the respect we deserve.

24-7: What position do you think you will play in college?

Adam: ill play any position they want me to. I just want to play. LB is a little more fun because I get to unload on kids. But FB is a little more rewarding as far as getting noticed.

24-7: What can a college program expect from you?

Adam: Any college I go to can expect a highly motivated and hard working individual. I listen well and learn very quickly. I don't get scared or intimidated so they can put me in hitting drills with their best.


The staff at 24-7 would like to thank Adam for his time and wish him luck during the upcoming season.

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