Player Spotlight: Garrett Redd

Chat with the Pinnacle QB

Our next player spotlight comes from Pinnacle QB Garrett Redd.  Redd has been one of the leaders of this young program for a while now.  Here's what the senior QB/SS had to say………….. What were your official stats from last season?
Garrett: 1,200 yards passing, 15 touchdowns, 550 yards running, 5 touchdowns, 64% completion percentage, 8 Ints. What is your official height, weight, bench, squat, clean and 40?
Garrett: 5'11, 190, Bench 255, Squat 450, Clean 240, 4.67 Who is currently recruiting you? Any early offers yet? As of right now who would be your top 5?
Garrett: My top five schools right now are Air Force,
Pennsylvania, South Dakota State, Mount Union, and Cornell What is your greatest football memory?
Garrett: My sophomore year, the first year we had Coach Zupke and our new staff, we had been a losing program, but in our first game we came back to beat
Coronado and had a good season. What are you doing to prepare for next season?
Garrett:  I am working out and running with the team in the morning and throwing routes. I am also working out at Power Train with my trainer Chad Ikea and trying to make myself a better player for this season. What are your goals for this upcoming season?
Garrett:  For the upcoming season my goal is to make the playoffs and contribute
what I can to help my team win, and also be one of the top quarterbacks in the state. What is your strength as a football player?
Garrett:  My main strength as a football player is just being an athlete and leader on the field and helping my team win. What is your weakness as a football player?
Garrett: My weakness in the past has been trying to make too much happen on any particular play. Who are some teammates that people need to watch for?
Garrett: Our entire offensive line is very talented also Orlando Lazar, Justin Smith, and Garrett Lee will have an impact for us this year. What teammate do you really respect the most and why?
Garrett: Garrett Lee because he is always working hard and improving himself as a football player, and is always a threat on the field. Which opposing program do you respect the most?
Garrett: I have a lot of respect for Centennial's football program.  Not only are they one of the most talented teams in the state, they play with a lot of class and play hard every play. What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten? Who did you get it from?
Garrett: My dad always tells me to work hard to prepare for the games, but when Friday night comes just go out, play hard, and have fun. Who has been the most influential person in your life?
Garrett: My family Who is your favorite professional athlete?
Garrett:  My favorite athlete is Michael Vick because he has great instinct and is changing the quarterback position. What can we expect from your team this season?
Garrett: Our goal is to make the State Playoffs, and if we work and play together I believe you can expect that. What are your goals as far as playing football in college?
Garrett:  My goals in college are to play at a highly competitive school at either the safety or quarterback position. What can you bring to a college program?
Garrett: I can bring my leadership and work ethic and I will have a positive impact on the success at the college. What is your favorite thing about the game of football?
Garrett: Making plays under the lights on Friday nights in front of a full stadium


We would like to thank Garrett for taking the time to talk with us.  We wish him, his teammates and Coach Zupke the best of luck this season.  Anyone wishing to contact Garrett please email me:

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