Player Spotlight: Erik Archuleta

Interview with new North QB

Every year players transfer, last year it was Channing Trotter and this year one of the biggest transfers was Erik Archuleta leaving Mesquite and heading to North. We were able to chat a little with Erik and see what he had to say about the situation. What were your stats from last season? Honors?
Erik Archuleta:
I threw for 1,152 yards passing with 10 touchdowns against 4 interceptions. I also ran for 400 yards and 6 touchdowns in only six and a half games because I injured my left elbow. I made HM all region twice.

24-7: What is your official height and weight?
I'm 6'1", 220 pounds.

24-7: Tell us a little about your decision to transfer to North if you can.
I was not working hard in the classroom and my immaturity got me in trouble at Mesquite. It is a good school and I like the students, players and staff. A few schools were considered but North was named one of top 1000 schools in the country and I knew Coach Goldstein would help keep me in line and work with me to get in college.

24-7: What is your greatest football memory?
My greatest football memory is when I threw 2 touchdowns and scored the game winning touchdown on a 21 yard run against #6 ranked Chandler my sophomore year. We won 31-26 and knocked them out of the playoffs.

24-7: What are your goals for the upcoming season?
My team goal is to win a state championship. In doing that I am setting personal goals of 3500 yards and 40 TDs.

24-7: How are you preparing for the upcoming season? Will you attend any camps this summer?
I am lifting and running everyday at North and throwing everyday. This summer I attended the Nike Camps at Palo Alto, California and Eugene, Oregon. I also went to the ASU, U of A and Oregon one day senior camps. Last month I worked out with Rob Johnson (Buffalo Bills) and Mark Sanchez (USC backup QB) for 4 days in Mission Viejo, California.

24-7: What aspect of your game have you really worked hard to improve? What area would you like to keep improving on?
I have been working extremely hard on getting my reads quicker and I've been working on my quickness.

24-7: Who are some of your teammates that people need to watch out for?
People need to watch out for Cody Dowd (TE, LB), Jeff Jones (TE, DE), Ramel Ross (RB, WR, and DB) Max Moyes (WR, DB), Charlie Burmood (OL, DT), Luis Villareal (OL) and all our other offensive linemen.

24-7: What are your goals regarding playing football in college?
My goal for playing in college is to go somewhere I can play as soon as possible and get an education.

24-7: Who is currently recruiting you? Do you have any offers yet?
Right now Oregon, Arizona, San Diego State, Alabama, Cal, UTEP and Nevada are showing the most interest. Coach Ferrigno from Oregon wrote me the other day and told me that they want tape of my first two games and that he thinks Oregon would be the perfect fit for me. I am getting about 50 letters a week but most schools are waiting to see how I handle going from a run offense at Mesquite to the spread formation. I am now just thinking about the season and school year and letting the recruiting wait until after the season.

24-7: Would you consider staying in state to play in college?
Yes, I would consider staying in state to play college ball at U of A or NAU.

24-7: What would your top 5 college choices be?
My top 5 college choices are Oregon, U of A, Nevada, San Diego State and Colorado State.

24-7: Who is the best player you ever played against? Why?
Adam Vincent of Hamilton. He was the best because he was everywhere on the field.

24-7: What are your best lifts in the bench, squat, power clean and deadlift?
Bench 295, squat 435, deadlift 440, and power clean 235.

24-7: How do you think your coach would describe you as a player?
I think he would describe me as a hardworking and talented player with a lot of potential in the right situation.

24-7: Who is your favorite athlete and why?
John Elway is my favorite athlete because he was a great leader and the best quarterback ever.

24-7: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
The best piece of advice I've ever received is to be confident in how I play and every thing else will come together.

24-7: Tell us what can we expect from your team this season?
To compete and show our critics out there that we have the heart, talent and ability to play with the best schools. Our goals as a team are to go hard every play and win a championship.

24-7: What can a college program expect from you as a player?
They can expect a hard working player who would be a great leader on and off the field.


The staff at 24-7 would like to thank Erik for his time and wish him luck during the upcoming season. Anyone wishing to contact Erik, may email

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