Tale of the Tape: Memo Duarte

Video Breakdown of Rincon QB

Bio: To look at it on paper Rincon senior QB/DB Memo Duarte does not knock you over statistically. Last year he was a system QB in an offense that rushed for nearly 300 yards per game and had three running backs run for over 650 yards. With that said, Duarte brings many intangibles including athleticism and toughness.  This upcoming season Duarte will need to shoulder more of the offensive load if the Rangers want to improve on their 7-3 season and compete with Sabino, Canyon del Oro and Ironwood Ridge. Helping Duarte with this task will be an offensive line anchored by big tackles Matt Brady (6'5 290) and Alex Solot (6'7 288) and a backfield with senior Dominik Martinez and junior Francis Ravenell.


Positions: Quarterback, Defensive Back


Size: 6'0 185


Tape Type: 5 minute highlight tape and two full game tapes.

Breakdown: Duarte, an honor student in the classroom, shows smarts on the field as he controls Rincon's multi pronged running attack.  In so doing, he carries out fakes and makes good decisions in the option run game.  This ability should only improve now that Duarte has one season as a starter under his belt.  His toughness is evident in that he attempts to punish tacklers and finish runs.  When running the ball, Duarte shows a nice burst and has some speed.  One ticky tack observation that concerned this old RB coach was Duarte's tendency to carry the ball in his inside hand thus exposing it to defenders and creating the possibility for turnovers.


In the pass game, Duarte has a serviceable enough arm to be considered a dual threat QB.  Like many high school quarterbacks he has the tendency to stare down his primary receiver.  When he has time and in a traditional drop his mechanics are relatively good.  When hurried or rolling out, Duarte will drop his elbow and "aim" the ball instead of throwing the ball. 


Bottom Line: After this season Duarte's athletic ability, smarts and toughness may afford him the opportunity to play defensive back or wide receiver at the next level.  It would be beneficial for him to go the junior college route to gain size and speed to prepare for the shift in positions.  He would be a good fit and a contributor at a smaller school.   



Coaches and parents send tapes to:


7000 N 16th Street

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