CTB Basketball Club 2006 to Kick Off this Month

The CTB All Stars 2006 will begin this month (August 28th)for our 2005-2006 travel teams. CTB will field teams for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. Our first tournament will be September 14-16 in Los Angeles at the FUll Court Press Fall Classic...

CTB Basketball Club


CTB All Stars Basketball Club 2005-2006
National Travel All Star Teams
2005-2006 ROSTERS
2005-2006 SCHEDULE

Cost to join CTB: $175 (Reg Fee)  $95 (Monthly)
More Info: Email trous@cox.net or call 602.505.4667

Gary Trousdale will direct the 2005-2006 CTB All-Stars, and with his success starting up/heading the Arizona Cagers in 03, the start up of CTB in 04,  the CTB All-Stars will be even bigger and better in 2006 fielding teams in the classes of 06-07-08-09.

With the success of PrepAZ.com and the newly acquired PrepCA.com, the national interest in the CTB All-Stars will be a great asset to all players involved.  Our affilliation with Scout.com, our relationship with National Scouts Greg Hicks, Dave Telep and Networx, CTB is without a doubt the top club in Arizona for quality coaching, National exposure and first class development.

Travel Teams: 
CTB will field a national travel team, plus a development team for each class.  Players will always have the opportunity to move up to the National Teams.
No player will be cut, and the focus on the CTB Basketball Club will be player development.
Practices will be held 2-3 times per week at Horizon Charter School
Director, CTB Basketball Club

Gary Trousdale has coached, directed and developed student-athletes for over 23 years. Trousdale through his coaching experience has hundreds of collegiate contacts throughout the Country.  His Cager Report (evaluation of Prep & Juco basketball prospects,  has become the #1 source for Colleges all over the Country in evaluating southwest prospects.

Lee Cummard played for Trousdale in 02-03.  Cummard (after playing in Trousdale system) went from unknown to the #1 Wing in the West Coast.  Eventually signing at BYU.  UCLA, USC, Arizona State & Oregon State ended up in his top 5.

Director Profile: Gary Trousdale
NCAA Division I College Coaching Experience
University Of San Francisco Recruiting Coordinator-Assistant Basketball Coach
Recruited 4 "Freshman of the Year", 12 West Coast Conference players
One of 3 coaches hired, to rebuild program after USF disbanded Men's basketball in 1981
University Of Tulsa Recruiting Coordinator-Assistant Basketball Coach
Ranked in the API top 20 (13th)
Recruited 1987 Arizona Player of the Year, Michael Scott-North High
Flip Saunders (Head Coach, Minnesota Timberwolves), Ron Jirsa (Former Georgia Head Coach, current Associate Head Coach, Dayton) served on the staff.
University Of Portland Recruiting Coordinator-Assistant Basketball Coach
Recruited 3 "Freshman of the Year"
Recruited Matt Houle, Former Arizona All-State player
San Francisco State University (DII) Recruiting Coordinator-Assistant Basktball Coach
Reached final 8 in the NCAA DII playoffs.
Recruited and coached:
Steve Lavin-Former Head Coach, UCLA
Pat Sandle-Assistant Coach, University of Pittsburgh
Ranked 5th Nationally
A few of Coach Trousdale's
former Players and Coaching contacts:
Tubby Smith, Head Basketball Coach, University of Kentucky
Steve Lavin, Former Head Basketball Coach, UCLA (Recruited and Coached Lavin at San Francisco State University)
Pat Sandle, Assistant Basketball Coach, University of Pittsburgh, Coached Sandle at San Francisco State University)
Ron Jirsa, Head Coach, Marshall University (Worked with Jirsa at Tulsa)
Flip Saunders, Head Coach, Detroit Pistons (Worked with Saunders at Tulsa)
Jim OBrien, Head Coach, Ohio State
Mike Miller, Associate Head Coach, Kansas State
Brian Loyd, Assistant Coach, Oregon State (Coached Loyd at Tulsa)
Dennis Wolf, Head Coach, Boston University
Shawn Finney, Head Coach, Tulane University
Plus many more.....

The CTB All-Stars provides the student-athlete opportunities through tournament competition, player development, camps, clinics and intense practice sessions plus much more.

Why should you join the CTB Basketball Club?
Knowing thousands of student athletes spend hundreds of dollars on Clubs, for all the wrong reasons. The CTB Basketball Club develops you as a player, teaches you what it takes for you to play at the Next Level, and emphasis is on "Making You A Better Player", not Exposure! Which is the downfall of Club Basketball across the Country. Our high level tournament participation, and travel will get you exposure, but that is the end result of hard work, mental toughness and discipline achieved through our intense practice sessions and player development. Politics and ego's are not allowed in the CTB All-Stars! If that does not convince you yet, let us name a few others!

Through our participation Statewide and nationally, our competition will be the best. Another reason for a 100% commitment from all our members!

Coaches selected, through a complete interview process, to lead our teams, will be required to provide references, have professional experience, and be required to provide complete background checks, (as required by the Department of Education). Parents of members will not be allowed to coach!

Why is the CTB Basketball Club so expensive?

Is it? Practicing 2-3 times per week, with professional coaches, in a college level environment, with a pre-set gym schedule, the fee's are actually inexpensive with what you are receiving!



Student Athlete Costs:

2006 Fee Schedule
Fees Description of Fee's: Due Date:


Registration Fee:
(non-refundable) Commitment fee, insurance
Today to reserve your spot. Must be received prior to March


Fee covers gym fee's, coaches expenses
1st of every month.
TBA Tournament Costs TBA
TBA Travel Cost TBA
$175 Custom Uniforms
Game Jersey's Home/Away
First Practice

Register Online Today:

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or send check or money order to ($270 made out to CTB Basketball):
CTB Basketball
7000 North 16th Street
Suite 120 #458
Phoenix, AZ 85020

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