24-7's Top 50 Seniors

Here is the entire list from # 1 - # 50

Okay guys, here is our last segment of our Top 50 seniors. Remember we did these rankings on top players not top recruits but he did take college offers in to consideration. Among other things that we used to make this list were last season's performance, offers, how we think they will perform this season, coaches recommendations, performance in off season (passing league, camps, combines). Remember, tell us what you think on the message boards and let's all enjoy the upcoming season.



  1. Jermaine Williams  DE/FB  Maryvale
  2. John Romero  OL/DL  Salpointe
  3. Tim House  RB/CB  Centennial
  4. Jon Hargis  DT  Red Mountain
  5. Glyndon Bolasky  RB  Sabino
  6. Keaton Kristick  LB/FB  St. Mary's
  7. Brooks Reed  FB/DE/P  Sabino
  8. Brantwon Bowser  CB  Maryvale
  9. Cody Anderson  DT/TE  Apache Junction
  10. Marcus Richmond  RB  Dobson
  11. Cody Dowd  LB/TE  North
  12. Skylar Hagg  WR  Ironwood
  13. Isaiah Smart  DE  Moon Valley
  14. Mike Callaghan  DB  Brophy
  15. Matt Mosley  WR/DB  Corona
  16. Jonathon Tobin  QB  Cactus
  17. TJ Campbell  WR/CB  Sunnyslope
  18. Sammy Salamasina  OL/DL  Moon Valley
  19. Ricky Moore  LB  Chandler
  20. Austin Neilson  LB  O'Connor
  21. Gerald Munns  LB  Hamilton
  22. Dontay Moch  DE  Hamilton
  23. Erik Archuleta  QB  North
  24. Cody Engelbrecht  RB  Hamilton
  25. Tyler Porras  RB  Saguaro
  26. Spencer Rothery  RB  Chaparral
  27. Jay Leal  RB/K  Westwood
  28. Laron Harrington  RB  Moon Valley
  29. Andrew Berryhill  TE  Salpointe
  30. Jeff Jones  TE/DE  North
  31. Aaron Gentry  RB Millennium
  32. Cole Graybill  LB  Brophy
  33. Sherrod Austin  RB  North Canyon
  34. Brice Wilkins  QB  Westwood
  35. Anthony Freeman  LB  Cactus
  36. Xavier Lucas  WR McClintock
  37. Marcus Rodriguez  LB  Peoria
  38. Richard Morris  FB  Cactus
  39. Brian Dean  DE  Hamilton
  40. Sean Humphrey  DE  Chandler
  41. Mitchel Hunt  DL  Corona
  42. Will Osolinsky  OL/DL  North Canyon
  43. Kyle Day  QB/K  Sahuarita
  44. Jacob Stucky  OL  Agua Fria
  45. Kenton Thomas  RB/CB  Greenway
  46. Nick Neuenfeldt  QB  Chaparral
  47. Josh Morrow  WR  Mt. Ridge
  48. Anthony Llanos  LB/TE  North Canyon
  49. Cody House  QB  Cholla
  50. Ben Thiltges  LB  Salpointe

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