Recruiting Recap: Apache Junction v. Desert Edge

Recruiting evaluation on college potential on players from AJ and Desert Edge.



Apache Junction


DE/TE Cody Anderson 6'6 250 - I will start with the big Arizona commit Anderson. He is every bit 6'6 and I will estimate he weighs more in the 260 range. Good sized lower body but needs to develop his upper body more (evidenced by his reported 235 bench). AJ played him as a stand up DE and often dropped him into coverage and he did not look too bad in space but where I think he struggled was this forced him to play on his heels, play a little high and get pushed around a little. This also forced him to peek around instead of just putting his head down and playing football. Later in the game they lined him up in a three point stance and he was virtually unblockable (finished with 1 sack, 1 forced fumble and 2 batted balls). He showed some decent pass rush moves but more or less used his size to his advantage. He plays DE now but I do not think he is a DE at the next level because of his speed (reported 4.9). I see him as more of a three technique. If played there he will have to get stronger.


As a TE, I think Cody has great hands. He caught just about every pass thrown his way and even laid out for a tough grab (had 4 catches for 63 yards). Again, I think his speed here is the issue. 4.9 will not get it done at the Pac-10 level. Thoughts of converting to OT have also been mentioned and I think this is possible. He will need to gain about 30 pounds and still work on that strength. Watching the game I do not think run blocking was his best attribute but with some work I think the move is possible.


Cody is a good athlete and great player no doubt. He was an all state basketball player as a junior. In my opinion, Cody has the best chance to play early at UofA as a DT. He plays a variety of positions but has some areas he needs to improve on to be successful in the Pac 10 (as many players do).


Others to keep an eye on:


Jr. OT Justin Tourangeau 6'2 290. Good size and pretty good motor. Needs to work on footwork, particularly in pass pro but could be one to watch.


Jr. WR/DB Justin Higuera 6'2 180. Good playmaker had 2 TDs, 1 2-point conversion and INT in the game. Good speed and good hands.


Sr. CB Ari Kalan 6'1 170. Rangy player with decent size. Might be a good JUCO prospect.



Desert Edge


QB/DB Chase Brunick 6'5 200. Good athlete that throws a good ball but is not the most accurate (was 6/24 in game v. AJ). Has good speed (reported 4.7) and will finish off the run tough. I do not think he is a major college QB but I think is best chance at the college level is playing safety. Has good enough size and speed and made a few good tackles. Will stick his nose in the pile.  Will need some work but I think playing in the secondary is his best bet but I could see a small D1 or 1AA trying him at QB based on his athletic ability. Also note, the West Valley View is reporting that Brunick might be out for the year with an injury.



**Disclaimer** This is only my opinion from the game I saw and has nothing to do with the opinion's of the other writers for 24-7.

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