Recruiting Recap: Hamilton v. Paradise Valley

Recruiting evaluations of players from both schools

Hamilton v. Paradise Valley





Gerald Munns – LB – Listed at 6'3 225. I would say his height his probably on the money and he probably weighed in the 220 range. Currently fielding offers from Colorado State and San Diego State. This kid played all over the field; he hustles around and makes plays from sideline to sideline. Solid tackler in the open field. Is able to get good penetration on blitzes. Reports a 4.75 40 and I would say this seems to be accurate. More importantly he plays with good game speed. Not like some players who report a 4.6 forty and play like a 4.9. He has good hips that enable him to change direction. Seems to play with a passion. Will still need to bulk up a little bit if he plans to play in the middle like he currently does. But with a redshirt year, this should not be a problem. He impressed me enough to say that he could push Keaton Kristick for the top LB spot by the end of the year. I would say that he would excel at a mid major program but would not be surprised if a school like Oregon State or Washington State came in and offered.


Dontay Moch – DE – Listed at 6'3 215. I would say that he may be a little short of 6'3 and in the 205-210 range. This size is not big enough to play DE at the college level but he does have a frame to grow. He is long and lanky, has long arms and GREAT speed (he recorded a 10.94 100 meter time in track last year and was the 5A 200 meter champ with a best time of 21.84). This uncoachable speed is what is getting the eyes of recruiters. Most schools are probably looking at him at OLB and I can see him making this transition. He has good feet but tends to peek around for the ball, which could lead to OLs getting into his body a bit. What will be most important in his transition to OLB will be his ability to adjust to playing in space and not with his hand down. He also will not have to gain much weight to play LB. I can see him at a mid major school but he will still have to work on some things before he can be a major contributer.


Brian Dean – DE – Listed at 6'3 240 and I would say this is accurate within a few pounds (he was 6'2.5 and 225 at the combine at Berkeley in the early summer). He reminds me of former Hamilton DE David Smith (current DT at ASU) but smaller. Tough football player; better against the run than the pass. Reports a 4.85 and that may be a little fast (he ran a 4.97 at the combine). I like how he plays with intensity and heart but feel that he is a tweener. He is undersized to be a DL and too slow to move to LB at the D1 level and I have a tough time seeing him making the transition to LB anyway. I feel that a D1AA school may come calling and get a very good football player or he may go the JUCO route and end up at a D1 school.


Cody Engelbrecht – RB – Listed at 6'0 and 200 pounds. I would say he is shorter and lighter than reported, probably more in the 5'10-5'11 and 185-190 range. But he has a compact build that might make his weight deceiving. Shifty tough runner that has the ability to break tackles. Didn't get many carries in the game I saw because of the score but he was more of an outside runner than a between the tackles guy. Reports a 4.6 but this seems to be fast. I would guess more in the 4.7 range. Good high school player but I cannot see him going D1 unless it is academies or a small 1AA. Maybe a JUCO kid that has a chance to move up in two years.


Tanner Cullumber – LT – Listed at 6'5 274 but I would say he is around 6'4 265-270. 1st year starter that caught my eye late in the game with some good pancake blocks. This showed me he has a decent mean streak to be knocking people down when the game is decided. I would need to go back and watch him some more film to get a better evaluation but I think he might be a RT or guard. Coach Wrenn reports that he is getting some looks but still has some untapped potential. Has D1 size but lacks game experience. Could be a steal for a school in need of an OL or could be a prime candidate to go the JUCO route and go to a big D1 school if he continues to develop.


Derek Meyer – TE – Listed at 6'3 215. He may be a little taller than that but might weigh more in the 205-210 range. Good size with a great frame. Seldom used but is a willing blocker. Probably a JUCO or D2 kid.


Dominic Papa – K – Good length on kickoffs. Missed an extra point. Solid kicker. Might get some looks. Has not attempted a FG at this point in the season.


Juniors to watch:


Kerry Taylor – WR – Listed at 6' 170. He looks a little smaller. Good hands, good speed. 3 TDs and nearly 200 yards in two games. Father played in NFL (Keith Taylor).


Colin Parker – DB – Listed at 6'2 210. Doesn't look 6'2 or 210. More 6' 190. Good special teams player and nice sized and skilled DB. Will have to keep an eye out for him as the season goes along to get a better evaluation.


Matt Sanford – LB – Listed at 6'1 210. I would say he is 6'-6'1 and around 200. A little light now but that is what Munns weighed last year. Will have to gain some weight to play in college. I like the way he played. Was very aggressive and looks to follow in Hamilton's line of solid LBs.



Paradise Valley


Kyle Tilford – OT – Listed at 6'2 300. Probably 6'1 285-300. Plays high and gets out of stance tall. Doesn't dominate for someone his size. Has some baby fat. A guard prospect but I don't see him playing higher than the 1AA level. Another kid who could go JUCO and get a shot.


Tomarcus Jordan – FB/LB – Listed at 6'2 220. Well built so weight could be deceiving. Looks to be 6'1 205-210 range. Big muscular kid but doesn't hit the hole between the tackles like you would expect. Sat the last two years behind Oklahoma signee Matt Clapp. Needs some game experience. Didn't finish off many runs. Might be a better LB prospect. Either way, I don't see him as a D1 player at either position currently but that is not to say he is not a good athlete. He just needs some game experience. He is another kid that could benefit from the JUCO route.


Juniors to Watch:


Stuart Walter – QB – Listed at 6'3 205. May be a little taller and lighter. 1st year starter and brother of Raiders QB Andrew Walter. Has some tools but is still raw. Has decent arm but not great at this point. Not real mobile. Needs some work but is one to watch out for if he can continue to develop.

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