Katrina Relief Fund Tournament

Arizona high school basketball players, coaches, refs, scorekeepers, gym floor sweepers, snack bar operators all scored today raising roughly $2200 for Katrina victims...

Ron Coleman(Tournament Director)delivered today…

The Arizona High School tournament (Katrina Relief) fully sponsored that raised roughly $2200 for the Katrina victims located here in Phoenix, AZ. The ARCH (Arizona Recreation Center for the Handicapped) housed a day full of quality basketball that emphasized fun and competition more than the score at the end of the game.

Monday we will start our breakdown of players but here is a brief start on our thoughts on the days events:

Christian Polk was the best player in the gym. He has bulked up and appears to have been working on his shot over the last 3 months. His verbal to ASU seems to have taken off the pressure and now he can dedicate the next 11 months developing into a solid Pac 10 two guard. A Player of the Year candidate!

The Top Five Players:
(No particular order)
1. Christian Polk - Deer Valley
2. Brock Enter - Pinnacle
3. Mason Maynard - Mountain Ridge
4. Shawn Deadwiler - South Mountain
5. Ricky Berry - Paradise Valley

Surprise of the Day
6-2 Javon Jones (2007) - Paradise Valley (Transfer)
Came off the bench but this kid is explosive. Quick hops and attacks glass with no fear. Finishes in traffic. Watch out for this kid!

Disappointment of the Day
How so many of the 2008 players don't play hard. One player hit 6 three's but had no desire to play hard or guard anybody. Jeff Hart, a 6-2 (no way he is 6-4) two guard at Brophy seems to understand the concept, and has a chance to turn out to be a good prospect.

Agua Fria super soph Travis Payton continues to be impressive. Add a consistent jumper from 15-17ft. and he is going to have a solid career for Coach Paul Murphy.

The Fab 4 from Cactus class of 2008, Marques Coleman-Caleb Richardson-Corey Meers and Niko Sachs are all solid. Coleman and Richardson seem to be ahead of the pack and the Full Court Press National Camp for sophs October 8 will be a great experience for these youngsters and show them where they stand on the west coast/national scene.

Many other players including our top underclass, top 10 overall and player rankings regardless of class for the Katrina Relief Tournament...

Look for the complete breakdown Monday…


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